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2nd October 2011, 11:17 AM
Hi all.
We have a great dog pension, but it's 2 hours away by car. A year ago we moved to another town but kept the old pension, because Molly and Éowyn just love it there, and the owner takes very good care of them. However, we wanted a supplement dog pension for shorter stays. They had never had more than 5 nights away from us, but sometimes it would be easier with a pension close by.

We searched the internet and found a dog pension which uses the same vet as we do. The husband is educated dog trainer, his wife has the daily work with the pension. I visited the place and saw everything, explained that I would bring their own food, that they should not be allowed to walk without leash etc. We booked a single night to try it out.
This morning I went to pick up the dogs. The wife seemed really cross.
I asked if everything went fine. No: "It's not that your dogs aren't cute and happy. But they are VERY active, and they bark a lot around other dogs, and they tried to dig their way out through the wall."
I was really, really surprised. Their "old" pension has never mentioned anything like it. First of all, a dog SHOULD be active, and they are 3 and 5! If they were solemn and quiet I would be much more worried. Secondly, the other pension has never mentioned anything of barking, and digging out through the wall? I would be more worried about my dogs paws than a concrete wall. I know that Molly does some "digging" in her crate, just when I am about to leave for work, but she always stops when I say "stop it" or she hears the front door slam. I know, I have tested her. But constant digging in a dog pension? She must have been really frustrated.

At first I said that I had never heard anything negative from the other pension, but she looked like she didn't beleive me. Then I said: "Maybe we should reconsider our next appointment with the five nights?" She immediately said "Yes, we cancel that one, then". I paid and left with them.

I am really offended. It's like being told that your children are impossible and a menace. Of course, she's got every right to say that she doesn't want our dogs, and I would rather reschedule our plans and drive 2 hours each way to the old pension and make sure that everybody's happy.
But still: ACTIVE dogs as negative? BARKING? Isn't it a place for dogs? What does she want? `There was only one more dog at the time, and if she can't control three dogs, I would figure she's got a bigger problem than me.

Sorry, ranting on, I am just fuming right now :x

I know I am fussy about dog pensions, but the very first one we tried for Molly 4 years ago almost killed her, because they overfed her and changed her food suddenly. Then we found the "good" one, where I am confident that the dogs are treated really well.
Still, it's their right to tell me, that they don't want our dogs in their pension, I am just so surprised that they apparently WERE a problem :(

2nd October 2011, 04:15 PM
Finding good care when you need to be away is difficult and stressful. My groomer used to board dogs, and it was wonderful. Somehow mine always ended up upstairs in her living quarters being spoiled. Fortunately I have had family to take care of mine recently, but if the need ever comes up I'm not sure where to go now. Probably will try to talk my groomer into it again. I don't blame you for being furious with those people. Perhaps if they had gotten better care and some attention they would have been better behaved.

2nd October 2011, 04:45 PM
Thank you so much for your words. We, too, don't have family close by, and it is difficult to find a good pension. Luckily our "old" dog pension just wrote to me, and she will happily take the dogs some other days. We are now re-scheduling our vacation, booking new plane tickets etc., but we will happily do that, when we are sure that our dogs are all right.