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8th October 2011, 11:05 PM

We love fostering animals and have recently joined The Cinnamon Trust (http://www.cinnamon.org.uk/) to look after pets for their elderly owners who are unable to care for them for a variety of reasons.

Our latest house guests are 4 year old Rusty (Blenheim) who is recovering from losing his eye in a freak accident with another dog. Although the vet tried to save it there was no option but to remove his right eye just over 2 weeks ago. His two year old friend Misty (Tricolour) is full of beans, chats and bounces round the house while Rusty is a far more laid back disposition and plods around seemingly oblivious of the cone round his face to prevent him scratching his wound.

Meanwhile their owners have emigrated to Australia and are planning to ship their pets over in the next few months. I'd welcome comments about the practicality of this. We've had a few setbacks with Rusty's wound - he's had a full course of antibiotics and painkillers and has been discharged from the vet but there is still some bleeding and the skin is obviously very tender. I've spent a fair bit of time gently bathing it with salty boiled water to try and prevent any infection.

We're new to the world of CKCS but are enjoying their company, we're keeping the owners informed of their progress via a 'blog' so that they can see pictures and comments (http://rustyandmisty.blogspot.com/). Rusty's snores via his megaphone have to be heard to be believed and I filmed a sample to add to the blog. I'm looking forward to spending time on this site to learn how best to get our lodgers fit for returning to their owners.


9th October 2011, 11:02 AM
OH what a wonderful thing to do!! That is so generous of you, and I'm sure greatly appreciated by the guardians of the animals you foster. It must be so hard to have to give up your beloved companion when you need to go into care etc, but knowing that they will be well cared for must help.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cavaliers icon_welcome you will soon be as addicted as the rest of us LOL

Poor Rusty, how awful :( I fostered a rescue Cavalier who also had to lose an eye [severe dry eye which was neglected :(] his story is here http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/showthread.php?28085-Oscar-Tri-Cavalier-UNEXPECTEDLY-REAVAILABLE&highlight=oscar

This is Oscar doing his pirate impression http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v510/RupertsMum/Oscar-bandage.jpg

I'm sorry that Rusty is still having problems - I suspect maybe this is due to additional trauma from the attack? Oscar's wound healed very quickly, but it sounds like Rusty is having more problems. You are doing the right thing bathing it, but if you are concerned I think I would be going back to the vets.

Personally I would not want to travel Cavaliers that far, it's a very long flight for them. But that's just my opinion and I know that dogs do travel every day all over the world. I have heard some not so happy tales too :(:(

I guess it's a decision only their guardians can make...

I would start getting them used to travel crates now though in case, they will need something like the Varikennels, sometimes you can get them for a reasonable price on here http://www.abc-value.co.uk/product/Trixie_VARI_Kennel_Ultra_0620L01 this is the intermediate which is a good size for larger Cavaliers [the measurements are external and there is a lip all around] They will have to travel in separate crates.

If you get them used to having their meals and treats in the crates, and settling down in there sleep etc, it won't be such a shock to them.

9th October 2011, 11:19 AM
First off, wonderful for you for your foster work!! I am sure Rusty is so happy to have your love.

Onto the transport to Australia. Oh my goodness. I just gasped and my husband looked at me like something was wrong and I told him what you wrote about a dog being transported to Oz and we both just were silent for a minute. This is because, I would not even transport a healthy dog to Australia (I live here, it is nothing against Australia, ha!), but quarantine is a horrible experience for even the best and most healthy dog to go through. Most international people I know have left their loving dogs behind (though they are heartbroken to do so and it was not and easy choice, they chose for the best of their dogs, not themselves) because they would not subject them to the quarantine here, and the few that I have met (mostly from London) who decided to bring their dogs feel horrible and have regretted it ever since because of how much it changed their loving puppy. I was actually speaking with a young man about this the other day who brought his dog over, and he said that it tears him up every day. His dog never came out the same after quarantine and the travel, no dog does. :(

And I agree with Nicki, the long transport is just something I would not want to think about with such a small sensitive dog. Especially with a hurt pup. Even for a healthy one, this is SUCH a huge transport, I worry it would be so hard on them. Possible, yes, a wonderful experience? No.
I think sometimes just think animals can handle it, but we fail to think about their emotions and fears. It breaks my heart.

I know you probably don't have that much control over what the owner decides to do (so I am not really writing this to you at all, I pride you for what you do!!), but may I recommend that you suggest to the owner to talk to some other expats in Australia who have gone through this process of transport and quarantine and brought their dogs over to Oz? I think it would shed a lot of light on it for her so she can make a better informed decision. And if she decides to still move forward, at least she will have full knowledge of what to expect before...and after.
Where will this pup be sent to Australia from??

And after rambling, welcome to the board! :)

9th October 2011, 12:04 PM
Not rambling BrooklynMom, I think what you said is very helpful. Do you have contact details for anyone who has been through this please?

I suspect Beckipeg is in the UK if you are fostering for the Cinnamon Trust?

I found this site http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/cat-dogs/countries/cat2?name=United Kingdom

dogs can only arrive into Australia through the following airports:

Sydney (New South Wales)
Melbourne (Victoria)
Perth (Western Australia).

there is a minimum quarantine period of 30 days :( they also have to have extensive vaccinations and testing :(

9th October 2011, 12:20 PM
I will try to dig up some names, good idea. Most are people I just meet on walks vs. close friends, but I will try to dig some up.

Also one thing to think about in quarantine is how strict it is. Even something simple will get your dog denied. A woman's business colleague that I am working with right now moved here from Singapore (she is Australian who was there for 10 years) with her two dogs (she is very affluent, dogs lived inside, were happy and healthy), well one had a tiny health issue (she described it as simple as a "cold", but to be honest I have no idea what it was), and at the end of quarantine, one dog made it and one dog had just a few days to make arrangements to go back to Singapore (i.e. The poor dog had to go through the whole quarantine process, only to be shipped away). That dog is just lucky the owner had a friend in Singapore willing to take the dog...otherwise, I imagine they get put down.

Quarantine is very expensive, so just make sure if she does it, she also has a back up plan of what to do if the dog does not pass (I.e. Enough $$ to send it back home to someone's care, though what an ordeal for a dog that would be). Anyway, my top advice is to not let that dog travel unless it is in the most pristine health...no infection, no anything (missing an eye is okay if it is healthy), because if they catch any illness, it is near impossible to get it through.

Sorry! I hate to be such a downer!!! It is a reality here though. I am sure some have good/okay experiences too, so I don't want to be so one-sided, but just stating what I know. Talking to the good experience and the bad will help for a well rounded decision :)

9th October 2011, 12:34 PM
Also, they stay in their kennel all day and night unless you arrange for them to go in a yard for exercise, a visit or grooming which is only allowed for 30 minutes 2x a week and only if you book it and only if the importer does it. Quarantine staff will not take your dog out of the kennel.

"Please note that there is a maximum of two x 30 minute appointments per importer per week. These can be used as, a grooming, exercising (dogs only), or special visit."

This is a good site explaining the quarantine station in Sydney:

You can also poke around the main site for much more info...please have owners read warning on dog heat stroke in the Australian summer regarding import.

9th October 2011, 10:12 PM
Yes, we're from the UK. I hadn't realised what an international board this is and am glad for the wealth of experience and knowledge here.

BrooklynMom and Nicky thanks for your particular welcome. You're right, I'm an intermediary and want to do what's best for both Rusty and Misty, it's inevitable that we become fond of our four footed house guests when we spend so much time with them. It's early days and time will tell what decisions are made for their future but I'll pass on your advice and information. These particular dogs are not from Cinnamon Trust (they cater for pets from elderly people and have clear guidance and expectations for their fosterers). Rusty and Misty belong to friends who know that we love animals and would be able to care for them at this time of great change for their family, I'm sure they'll want what's best for them too.

Meanwhile, Rusty and Misty have had a great day romping through the local woodland - lovely muddy feet, smelling of autumn leaves and fresh air and have now been sleeping / snoring away the evening.

11th October 2011, 12:06 AM
Well it sounds like Rusty and Misty are in wonderful hands with you! Feel free to come on here when ever if you have any questions, you are right, it is a wonderful international resource!

Also, thank you for passing along the info we posted to the owners so they can make the best decision for everyone involved. It certainly is not an easy one!

Enjoy your times with Misty an Rusty! Cavs are the best ;)