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11th October 2011, 07:52 PM
Okay, recently Reagan has gotten so big that when I take him out to potty he pees all over his front legs. I have to come in with him and put him in the tub every time I take him out and it's getting ridiculous. I don't know what to do. He tries to hike his leg to pee but he is too unstable and just falls over.

11th October 2011, 08:10 PM
By 'big' do you mean fat? By unable to lift his leg, is this because he cannot balance? Or is he a puppy just learning to lift his leg?

Males take a bit of time to learn to lift their legs and peeing on feathering is very common. But a large number of males will always or regularly or sometimes pee on their feathering, belly hair etc. You can just use some water to rinse off or often people get those wet wipes. Many people trim the air that gets peed on so this doesn't require a cleanup all the time.

If he is fat or if he is unstable though healthy otherwise, then you have health issues to deal with -- either losing weight or seeing a vet to see why he is unstable. But I think you mean he is just an older puppy learning to pee? :confused:

11th October 2011, 10:26 PM
He is a 6 month puppy just learning to hike his leg, and he is not fat. I think i'm going to get some wet wipes to deal with the situation, thank you for the suggestion!

11th October 2011, 10:53 PM
That's what I thought! :lol: -- I just wasn't sure what direction 'getting big' was in -- growing up or growing out! :)

This is typical for young males -- hopefully he will get more adept; most do. But expect occasional wees on feathering -- all part of owning a small breed male with a long coat! Those (non-toxic) wipes, eg diaper/nappy wipe things, are useful to have around. Or just a really wet flannel with water.

I have one boy who still regularly pees on his front leg feathering and another -- Jaspar -- who has always been meticulous since puppyhood and stretches his leg waaaaay up and back...

Karen and Ruby
12th October 2011, 12:04 AM

My little man is nearly 3 and still pees over himself- don't get me wrong, he has got much better BUT he still manages to pee up his legs.

Since having him neutered he will more often than not squat to pee which is fabulous as no pee goes anywhere but grass. Oh and the worst is when both dogs are sniffing around the same spot and Charlie pees all over Ruby's head :sl*p:

They do get a bit better with time though!

Wipes are great- I just but the supermarket baby wipes!