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Brian M
14th October 2011, 12:55 PM

Its that time of the year and Daisy and Lily have been telling me they need new winter coats so
I have been browsing and looking at coats by Ruff Wear and Hurrta but cant decide ,so help please.

I do like the colur red .

Ruff Wear


and Hurrta


Kate H
14th October 2011, 02:17 PM
The only time my two ever wear coats (cheap and cheerful quilted ones from the local pet shop, which they've had for years) is when the temperature drops sharply at night while we're camping, or when they are in their crate out of doors on a cold day at an obedience show - ie both times when they are lying still. Out walking - in any weather - I reckon they already have an extremely efficient coat always with them. It's called dog's hair.:lol: Even in wet weather they're OK - I carry a towel to dry them off if we have to wait for a bus, as they can get chilled standing around wet or in a cold wind, but as long as they're moving they'll keep themselves warm. Cavaliers are toy breeds - but they're also spaniels. But your teenage girls know how to twist Dad round their little paws!

Kate, Oliver and Aled

14th October 2011, 03:31 PM
I'm afraid I'm a terrible "Dogmother" too Kate.
I'm firmly of the opinion that they can grow their own coat:p:p.
If I were to buy them coats like that they'd be shredded in no time at all,fashion is always the victim in my house.
However,I will admit to liking the red Hurrta jacket.
I'd prefer that to the other one as it looks neat and stylish. I always think a splash of colour in winter is lovely.


14th October 2011, 07:15 PM
The red Hurrta coat does look very nice. I also must be a bad dog mother as poor Jasper has had the same coat since he was a young dog and is now 11 and half years old, I used to only put it on him when it rained to save him coming in and rubbing his whole body across the carpets, but must admit in the last couple of years I have put it on him more often when it`s cold, he is not that long haired and I worry that he will get cold in his old age. I have bought Ollie a couple of cheap coats, I made the mistake of getting him one last year, but unfortunately he is long in the body and I had to get a longer one, I will put it on him when it rains, he is so long haired, we call him the local road sweeper and he goes along the ground and gets so very dirty, even going out in the garden he comes in black, I dread this time of year.

14th October 2011, 09:24 PM
I like the red one.
Don't worry! I buy coats for Kokoda. But he is a sook when it comes to the cold. Thats what happens when you live in Australia! Plus he hasn't grown much of his own coat as of yet.

14th October 2011, 10:24 PM
True, in our weather they shouldn't generally need coats unless they get cold and wet or if the temp drops down around freezing (or when puppies, as they cannot generate enough heat themselves and have little natural coat, or as noted for elderly/ill dogs who will appreciate extra warmth).

Mine (Leo and Jaspar who have lightweight coats of their own eg fur) wore lycra undersuits (used as drying coats usually) plus a coat back in Dec/Jan when the temp was below zero and there was snow! I often bring along a coat if Leo is likely to get wet as he gets chilled.

But other than that -- my main use of coats is for rain on city walks. Try bringing in 4 soggy cavaliers several times a day after walks and you quickly opt for a waterproof coat to minimise sogginess... :lol:

But many like them as a fashion statement. one caution -- I'd not put coats on dogs that are active on a normal winter day in the UK/Ireland - eg if they are running and playing. Easy for them to overheat.

15th October 2011, 02:50 AM
I like the red fleece. Windsor has a couple coats, although not as "weather proof" as either of these, and also sweaters. I got them on line. I also got coats and sweaters for Cambridge, as he has little natural coat yet. In fact, he wears tee shirts all day on cool rainy days. I live in SW Pennsylvania, USA and the weather is quite changable. Can be very cold one day with lots of snow, and a few days later just chilly or raining. Windsor seems to like a sweater if it's cold but above freezing, but definately wants his coat when it is below freezing. The coats do help keep the snow out of his fur too. Oh, and on cold nights, we have doggie PJ's. Think my boys may be a little spoiled.

Karen and Ruby
15th October 2011, 09:05 PM
Hi Brian

I have Equafleeces for both my two.

Don't get me wrong,I do agree with the others that they rarely need them and they are more of a selfish, time saving thing for me really.
Well apart from Charlie- he wears his when I am camping through out the year as he gets really cold! He doesn't have much of a coat on him.

Plus the equa fleece can be used to dry the dogs when they are already wet which is a god send when camping as no one wants a wet soggy dog in their caravan!!!

Ruby is like a sponge when we go out and she doesn't really like being dried off so the fleece keeps all her belly and feathers and chest hair dry so all i have left to towel off is her front feet and ears!

It saves alot of time in the mornings and I wouldnt be with out them!!

Lifelong investment!! Although I will be getting a new one for Rubes but the only reason being is so that she can step in to it and it zips up the spine so that I dont have to squeeze it over her head due to the SM.

They have been washed so many times- still as good as new!

16th October 2011, 01:48 AM
Nalu has the ruff wear. It's a snug fit, looks sporty, and keeps her warm but hair sticks to the inside and is difficult to remove.

16th October 2011, 12:42 PM
Brian, I love these:


- they have a reflective strip for safety when it's dark or getting dark, and you can just use the fleece undercoat on it's own if you wish - there are a few different models, and they are of very good quality. I bought them for a good price on Ebay - I can get you the link if you would like it.
I only put them on my dogs last winter when it was really cold and snowy for the same few weeks that Karlin mentioned, but they will last for a good few years.