View Full Version : board maintenance

1st November 2011, 11:55 PM
I have a bit of board maintenance to do which means a little of the usual downtime at some point. Also behind on sorting through new registrations and so on. Apologies but have been really busy in between 'real world' work and out at the house getting it ready for cavaliers (and us -- a lot to do). So if you need to reach me urgently send me a PM. I don't think the maintenance will take longer than 30-60 minutes at some point this week.

I will also try to get a few new board stats up as it has been ages since I have posted anything along those lines and we are now coming up on 6,000 registrations since 2005 (excluding all the deleted spam accounts of course except the repeat offenders who go on a ban list so I don't have to keep deleted them :sl*p:). I did check board traffic stats for the first time in eons and it is now getting just slightly shy of 25,000 unique visits on average, monthly -- a lot of reads across a huge range of topics. I will try and get some of that info posted as it is an interesting snapshot of board activity.