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10th November 2011, 04:55 PM
Three females (2 bleinhem and 1 tri) recused from horrible conditions and are now in Futures for Dogs in Kent. They were bred 'non-stop' and have severe dental issues along with impacted anal glands, ear infections, worms, fleas, skin mites, overgrown nails and they were soaked in their own urine. They are urgently looking for donations for their dental work. There is no mention of when they might be available for adoption.



Brian M
10th November 2011, 07:50 PM

Some more info for these poor babies ,if anybody wants to help theres a paypal link.




10th November 2011, 08:45 PM
Oh jeez poor things. :mad:

11th November 2011, 05:37 AM
So sad..... Here in South Africa, cavaliers are fairly rare and there are so many wonderful people longing to give a rescue cavalier a loving home. Puppies cost a fortune and it is not uncommon to wait two years for a pup. These girls would have a loving new home in a heart beat - seems so unfair. Hope they find a new forever home, they certainly deserve it.

11th November 2011, 11:24 AM
Oh heartbreak. I will donate when I wake up tomorrow. Sigh :(

I wish I could ship them to Australia and love them forever. Prayers to them...

11th November 2011, 01:13 PM
More on these dogs:

Dogs rescued from puppy farm were bred 'non-stop'

East Kent Mercury
November 10, 2011
by Beth Robson
A DOG rehoming organisation in east Kent is appealing for urgent donations to cover the medical treatment of three over-bred bitches that have been rescued from a puppy farm.
The King Charles cavalier spaniels are in desperate need after being found in poor health in a squalid, cramped environment.
Futures for Dogs founder Stevie Henry is looking after the animals in her Ashley home.
She said they have been "neglected" and bred "non-stop," and were covered in their own urine which has stained their coats.
The Mercury cannot say where the dogs were rescued from, because investigations are still pending with Puppywatch, an animal welfare organisation combating back-street breeding and puppy farms.
Two of the bitches received costly emergency dental treatment on Tuesday morning having developed badly swollen gums and decayed teeth.
The other also has dental problems.
"[The owners] said they were much-loved family pets, but they have never seen a lead before so have probably never been walked and kept inside," said Ms Henry.
"They are not microchipped and have never been vaccinated."
Estimated to be aged around five to seven years, the bitches - newly named Chloe, Lindi and Lacey - have not had a litter for a while.
Futures For Dogs rehomes dogs by placing the animals with a foster carer with a view to making it permanent.
"We usually ask for a 150 donation but that won't cover the medical help these dogs need."
The dogs have had medical assessments at the organisation's favoured vets, Animal House Veterinary Services.
Here it was found two of them had a heart murmur, a common ailment of the breed which could be congenital or acquired later in life.
Jeremy Pearson, who owns the vet surgery, said: "They're not neglected in the sense that they're not under-fed or under-nourished.
"They are friendly, happy dogs, so probably haven't seen abuse but their healthcare has been neglected."
* Comment - page 2.
FUTURES for Dogs is a not-for-profit organisation based in Ashley, between Deal and Dover.
It is entirely volunteer led, where foster homes or forever homes are found for rescued dogs or those given up for rehoming.
In the past, Futures for Dogs has re-homed and rescued dogs from other counties and even from Ireland. The slogan it adopts is: Say "NO" to puppy farms, backstreet breeders and pet shop puppies. Take the lead, have a rescue.
Ms Henry added: "Sadly, at this time of year, so many people are selling their puppies and so people are getting rid of their older dogs.
"Come the New Year, we'll be getting puppies in where the cuteness has worn off."
Volunteers and foster carers needed
VOLUNTEERS at Futures for Dogs give up their own time and money for the cause.
The organisation is looking for more volunteers to foster and eventually take on dogs - hopefully Chloe, Lindi and Lacey.
Donations can be made via your Paypal account into the account of Futures for Dogs, or at any Lloyds TSB branch. Sort code: 30-93-34 Account: 03127768.
To foster, download an application form from the Futures for Dogs Facebook page or call the team on 07951 769118.

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