View Full Version : Tell Us One Of Your Unique Memories

Brian M
11th November 2011, 01:00 PM

Was it your first day at school ,your first pet ,your first Cavalier,or men on the moon .What is one
of your most unique memories of your life so far .

16th November 2011, 04:19 AM
Now that you mention it, I seem to have an uncanny "beginners luck" but I can't push my luck beyond that. I noticed it in college when I was in a bar with a guy that just had to challenge me to games like pinball and darts that I never played before. I remember after wracking up all the free pinball games we moved on to darts and I put him to shame again. My first cat was AWESOME and now my first dog is (knock on wood) beyond my wildest dreams. Anything beyond my beginners luck always requires a boat load of dues. I was lucky to discover CKCS, I was lucky to get Nalu, and I was lucky my husband didn't mind too much that we got a puppy instead of a kitten. Next time I may not be so lucky!