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Margaret C
25th November 2011, 07:45 PM
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Inagural meeting of Cavalier Companion Club

24 Nov 2011 08:00

A MIXTURE of breed club members and pet owners attended the inaugural meeting of the Companion Cavalier Club, which was chaired by Sue Newnes, former chairman of the West of England Cavalier Club.
Those present discussed the draft constitution document which had been drawn up according to the Kennel Club’s guide to the formulation of rules. When this had been approved those present agreed that, for the sake of consistency, members of the existing working group who were willing to stand should form the nucleus of the new committee.
After lunch the new committee held a meeting at which two more committee members were co-opted.
Founding member Margaret Carter said afterwards: “The Cavalier Companion Club is up and running. We’re working on the application form, the website, a club logo, a unique membership gift, and we plan to be ready to launch the club in January.
“We had some helpful suggestions and comments from two experienced Cavalier club secretaries who were in attendance. There was very little disagreement about the proposed rules, only two votes were not unanimous, and even then there was only one dissenting vote each time.
“The meeting was a formality that will allow us to seek KC recognition when we feel we are sufficiently established to take that step. We are really grateful to those that came and helped us agree a formal constitution, and to those who donated money to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments. Other donations received will allow us to set up the new club’s bank account.”