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14th December 2011, 06:07 PM
Cassie (3) has been de-fleaed, de-wormed and had her anal glands taken care of, all very recently, but she is still banging her rear end against the furniture as she walks around, as if something there is bothering her? She seems to do this mainly at night. Could this be some sort of allergy or something, any suggestions what we should try to relieve her? She isn't scooting her bottom along the floor, just kinda banging it against things? She appears really healthy in all other respects.


Thank you xx

14th December 2011, 07:27 PM
I'd talk to your vet, as this is something you will need to explore a bit more. It is definitely not normal and would seem to indicate some kind of discomfort. I have 2 dogs that do this, and both have syringomyelia, which is probably their reason for doing this, and unfortunately there is a very high rate of this neurological condition in the breed. But there could be many other things which would cause your dog to do this–for example, has your vet done a skin scrape for something like rabbit mites, as they tend to gather down near the rump and tail? another possibility could be something like disc disease, if there is some discomfort around those lower spine discs. It could have something to do with the hip joints. others may have some different suggestions–but if I had a dog doing this I would start with checking for other skin parasites, and then I would probably want to consider an x-ray, perhaps talking to an orthopedist, and also just familiarizing yourself with the various symptoms of syringomyelia to keep an eye out for anything else that might look suspicious. If there are other potential symptoms, I would consider seeing a neurologist as it can make a huge difference to get a diagnosis and to start managing this condition earlier rather than later–not least because you have the most options early on.

In other words–there is a really broad range of things that might cause this, but you will need to work through them with your vet and perhaps eventually, some specialists if your vet cannot pinpoint anything. Just as an aside, the dogs that I have had that have had problems with anal glands have never rubbed it against furniture. And for what it's worth, even when my Cavaliers have just had their anal glands expressed, they will still scoot. Scooting is really common in the breed and I suspect is due to some other level of discomfort then anal glands because I see it too often and to consistently when anal glands are clearly not the issue.

15th December 2011, 11:42 AM
Thanks Karlin, I have had a good look through her coat and can't see anything abnormal and I'm not getting any sort of scurf or discharge from it, of course, the vet may be able to notice things I won't so I will definitely take her in. I will mention SM to him as well, although I have seen no other symptoms in Cassie, this is the only 'odd thing' she does. We do live in a very rual area so Cassie is always out running and playing in the fields and I suppose something like rabbit mites could be an issue for us here. I hadn't even considered discs/bones etc so will also ensure he checks her completely, many thanks xx

16th December 2011, 02:53 AM
Hi Cassie.
Our little guy has an issue with one of his anal glands and has needed to have them expressed by our vet. He only scoots occasionally though,
but doesn't rub or bang his behind against the furniture. I've never heard of rabbit mites, I'm off to Google.

Thanks goodness for Karlin, I know without her, some us would be totally lost :D