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14th December 2011, 10:23 PM
All of my Cavaliers are allowed to run and play on our 6 acres. We have been without grass most of the summer because of a terrible drought so they pretty much have been running on just dirt. They have really started looking dirty/dull. There white is no longer white. I bath them every 1-3 weeks (depending on just how dirty they get outside playing). I use a whitening/brightening shampoo. Even right after a bath they just don't look white.

What can I do to get them white again? Is there a specific brand of shampoo that works best? My old friend (who I no longer speak to) used to show dogs and she had a "secret" whitening shampoo formula that she put together. Man it worked. I know it consist of Bio Groom whitening shampoo...... and a few other things mixed in.

I found an AMAZING conditioner that I love. They always feel so soft.... now if I could just get them white again!

15th December 2011, 03:15 AM
Bio-Groom makes a 'whitening' shampoo that has a blue color. I used to use it on our buff & white Shih Tzu, and recently got some for Sophie. I have not tried it yet on her, but it always worked great on the Shih Tzu.

15th December 2011, 07:01 AM
At a vet clinic I worked at, we used ivory dish soap as a first wash on white dogs, then then shampoo'd again with our regular shampoo.

I'm horribly allergic to ivory soap, and I imagine it's quite harsh on their skin, so I wouldn't advise it. But that was *their* secret.

You might want to go to a tack store, and ask about shampoos there. People in the horse industry can get filthy horses blindingly white. Make sure you get something that isn't bleaching the fur, some whitening shampoos are only for ALL WHITE dogs or horses because they use bleaching agents.

17th December 2011, 08:13 PM
Chris Christensen has some of the BEST products on the market. They have a shampoo called White on White:


I also really like Kelco products. They have a shampoo called Plum White (it's purple). They also have a matching Plum White conditioner.


17th December 2011, 08:48 PM
This shampoo works great for whitening-- be sure to dilute it with some water as it can be stripping if you use it full strength. Heat it in the microwave, just a bit (making sure it's not too hot), before using it: