View Full Version : Future Cavalier owner

17th December 2011, 07:59 PM
Hi everyone, I'm owned by two Shih Tzus, Gingerbread and Honeybun and have an African Pygmy hedgehog named Chocolate Chip. As you can see my pets are all named with the dessert theme! lol I love my Shih Tzus soooooooo much. But I think for my next breed I'd like one with much less grooming requirements. It gets really tiring redoing topknots every day and keeping beards clean. Plus I do their hair cuts. Anyway, I just started rambling here. lol

I work at a pet resort and Cavaliers are very popular. I've never met one with a bad temperament. To me, they're similar to Cockers, but with all the good qualities and none of the bad! My favorite color is black/tan and I just got on a waiting list for a puppy in about a year and a half. So I'd love to be part of this community; share my general dog knowledge and learn about Cavaliers!

:) Tamara