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Brian M
27th December 2011, 09:55 PM

If your Cavalier has SM and is only scratching occasionally how do you know if she is pain if the scratch is the only
indication of SM ,apart of course the MRI scan Daisy went for and cardiology check in August as to me Daisy is exactly the same as she was 6 months ago .12 months ago and even 18 months her symptoms or lack f them have neither increased nor decreased, so when would you say to take her back to both Simon Swift and a nuerologist .She is on 3 x 50mg of Zitac daily,and Rosie who was diagnosed by full MRI with CM is on no medication at all and she is like she was 2 or 3 years ago and her patellas that were so nearly operated on she still now outruns Luke and I after her tennis balls.

Karen and Ruby
27th December 2011, 10:17 PM
Ruby is quite easy to read when it comes to her scratching as when it is due to her being in discomfort it is accompanied by a low groan, always focused on the same side of the head/neck and she will go at it for up to 45 secs-1 min and afterward she will stare in to space and let out a long sigh. When she is just scratching because she has an itch it will only last a couple of seconds and will be around a lower part of the body or belly.

Charlie usually only has scratching fits when he is over excited and after a long game of ball or tug. Mainly when getting ready for a walk!

27th December 2011, 10:31 PM
Count yourself very lucky you don’t see any more symptoms and I pray that it stays like it for a very long time.

When Ebony was diagnosed in summer with CM there were no symptoms ( had MRI because of her discs) also Harley was diagnosed with SM this summer (had MRI because of the limping) he had no real other symptoms apart from his occasionally scratching what I believed to be PSOM or some other ear problems. Ebony and Harley are full of life and if I would let them they run forever. People look at them and never believe that they got SM. But today I think I really could see the change in them, but not until I got home from our walk. Their behaviour (see my earlier post) scared me so much I had to ring Nicki. I had the feeling that it was SM related but I felt so lost not being able to help them.

In a way I am blessed at the moment that I am at home with mine all the time so I can see the slightest change in them, but you are very bonded with your girls so trust me you will know when the occasional scratch turns into something more. And you will know when they are uncomfortable or in pain.

28th December 2011, 02:48 PM
As a rule brian i go see the neuro every 6 months even when i cannot see any changes. Neuros pick up on subtle changes we cant see.

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