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29th December 2011, 04:41 PM
I'm so excited! I am taking a short trip today to take Sonny on a puppy play date with two of his siblings. We all live spread out, but are meeting at a dog park in a city between us. I am so curious to see if they will recognize each other at all and how they will interact with one another. There were 6 puppies in his litter and 4 of us have stayed in contact through facebook and post pictures and give updates on a regular basis. I feel so happy to give Sonny a chance for some socialization and who better than with his own litter mates. cl*p I will post pictures later of the little puppy rendezvous! Hope everyone is having a great day. :)

29th December 2011, 09:26 PM
Can’t wait to see the pictures.
My three used to see their mums and siblings on a regular basis. I must say they were not that much bothered by their mum but loved playing with their sisters & brothers. They know that they are there siblings.