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2nd January 2012, 03:01 AM
How old is a puppy when he starts "marking?" Bentley is 13 months and size-wise is full-grown, at least I hope - he's almost 25 lbs! He never marks, and he still just stretches out to pee - he doesn't hike his leg. Our daughter's 6-year old Bischon goes around marking everything. Hubby & I both grew up on farms with only outside dogs. They just did their business and nobody noticed or even cared how or where; consequently, at our advanced age we're novices at this indoor dog thing! Hopefully, Bentley will not be like his "cousin," Elvis, the Bishon!

2nd January 2012, 03:21 AM
Is he neutered?

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2nd January 2012, 10:08 AM
Our guy is turning 8 mo on 1/9 and he started marking a bit about a month ago. He isnt neutered so we know that is a big reason why he marks. and ours stretches out too when he goes number1 but when he marks he picks up his leg lol.

2nd January 2012, 03:50 PM
Yes, he is neutered, but so is Elvis, the Bishon.

2nd January 2012, 04:12 PM
Usually they start marking at puberty -- 6-9 months or so. If he is 13 months and not doing much marking then he probably won't. Neutering stops most marking behaviour in most males. My Leo marks on walks more than Jaspar -- both neutered at 10 months. By marking -- meaning they are clearly doing a light pee on a place that is of special interest/where another dog has clearly left its mark! Jaspar tends to do one big pee and then might mark a couple of spots. but neither do anything remotely like the intact dogs I used to regularly get in doing rescue -- males that constantly mark, often indoor as well as out, and do those double swipe pees where they mark in one direction then turn back and do the other direction as well :rolleyes:. Neutering usually sorts this out.

Many females mark too BTW. My Lily does -- all along on walks on places that smell interesting. Tansy will mark on top of every pee by Lily but not on other places after she does her one pee.