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2nd January 2012, 02:41 PM
Just seen this on Facebook

Sick Puppy Helpline UK (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sick-Puppy-Helpline-UK/271111502947757)
Every year thousands of families buy unhealthy puppies from disreputable breeders. They often incur huge vet bills or even lose their beloved puppy due to sickness and bad breeding practices. Our aim is to provide help and support to those that have suffered at the hands of these breeders and guide them through the s...teps to seek justice from the breeders concerned. We offer support and advice from start to finish as we often find it is a lack of confidence that stops purchasers seeking retribution for their puppy. We should never underestimate the instant bond between a human and their puppy; a love that runs so deep that the heartache cannot be measured. Bad breeders depend on that instant bond and keep selling their sick puppies. The law of averages says that most people will not use their rights under the law. The help for puppy purchasers from authorities and others is woefully pitiful as most are not "dog people" and simply don't understand this area. We also hope that our support network will provide a platform to try and get the current laws changed so that the sale of dogs/puppies does not fall under the current Sale of Goods Act (alongside fridges, freezers, toasters etc.,) and becomes a "specialised" law that sets down clearly the obligations of a pet breeder and is clearer for those outside this specialised area to understand. Please help us help others who are victims of the scurge of bad dog breeders and share this as widely as possible. There is no doubt that when dog breeding is not profitable these "breeders" will move out. We appreciate that dog breeding is not an exact science and in no way are targeting breeders who do everything possible to ensure they produce healthy puppies. Indeed, we want to celebrate everything that is good about dog breeding by removing those that give them a bad name.