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Brian M
5th January 2012, 09:30 PM
I received a letter today from Louisa Hayward of A H T saying they have chosen Happy Starshine ( Poppy ) for there study into dry eye and curly coat syndrone and enclosed a pack of five swabs and a form to be returned together with a copy of her five generation pedigree cert which I have to send to be received by 31 st Jan for the tests to be run Feb and March and the results will be sent back to me FOC but if I want a cert that would be 10 extra.

Then she went on to say that I provided further potential participants and they want to include these in the study as
well as they all fit the necessary criteria but they are not in a position to do these free of charge and require a fee of 25 each for them to advise me of the extra threes reasults .And of course the other selected three are

Ailcres Blue Emotion ( Lily )
Lichens Tarten Breeze ( Rosie )
Loranka's Dawns Delight ( Daisy )

So of course after a brief discussion and a show of tails all four will be done and sent off with a copy of each five gen
cert and I will pay the extra 75 when needed ,I think of my good friend and chairperson Barbara Reese and the work she has done over many years regarding EFS so my meagre small effort pales into comparison against such a great lady and beautiful person as our Barbara .

Jan Bell
6th January 2012, 07:10 AM
So of course after a brief discussion and a show of tails

What very wise dogs you have there Brian - then again, they are Cavaliers:luv:.

Well done to you all.


6th January 2012, 10:51 AM
Well done to you snd the lovely flowercavs.
They seem very determined to lend a helping paw to cavalier health.

Brian M
11th January 2012, 04:05 PM
As I said the kits arrived for all four girls and they have five swabs each, and never having done this before and not wanting to mess it up,and as its so
important and being a humble man, I decided to phone AHT for instructions .I was informed that with each swab I rub the left innner cheek once and then the
right inner cheek once and then repeat that fifty times ,so each swab equals one hundred rubs and I have five swabs so thats five hundred rubs and then
we have four girls (so shoes and socks off ) so thats four times five hundred and lie down on the bed thats TWO thousand rubs thats gonna be fun . We were
back early from parents evening last night so let the fun commence ,Daisy first she nearly ate my hand off before we got to the second swab ,then Pops who fidgetted and squirmed all the time ,and poor Rosie just sat there and succombed and lastly Lily who nervously let me complete the task .Then we had to stand the swabs in individual glasses for half and hour to dry them and lastly pop them all in separate envelopes which then went in a bigger envelope with a copy of each of each of their five generation K .Club certificates and lastly to finish the task off to the Post Office this morning for four big envelopes for first class post .All together it was two hours of fun last night and I enjoyed every minute of it even the two thousand cheek rubs .