View Full Version : A potty issue.

7th January 2012, 07:58 AM
Today Bella was home with my husband and while he was unpacking the dishwasher she went and sat in the laundry, which is off the kitchen and leads to the backyard. The door was open for her to go out and potty but my husband kept unpacking and she peed on the floor. My husband thinks she was waiting for him to go outside with her. If this is the case then we have the issue of her not going out by herself. I don't know why this is because she plays by herself when I am busy and she will take herself off for a nap but she wants us to be there when she goes potty. Any tips for how I can correct this?

murphy's mum
7th January 2012, 10:09 AM
She's too young to be expected to know that if the doors open she should go potty I'm afraid. Even with the door open you'll still need to physically take her out and more importantly, make sure she does something before letting her come in :)

Mine are around 6 and I still give them a verbal command to make sure they have done their business, not that they are allowed out unsupervised. However, if we're cutting the grass or something I still give the command before coming in. Have you been giving her a potty command while training her? If it's a really wet or wild night here, I huddle inside the back door, and just send my two out on their own to do a pee before bed, and just watch to make sure they have done something icon_whistling

7th January 2012, 12:43 PM
When I take her out I say "Potty" and when she does it I give her a treat and make a big deal about it. A few times I have gone to give her the treat and she has refused it and gone back to poop as well, which is great. She knows that when she is finished she can go back inside, and she bolts back inside when she is finished. I also added the word "outside" when I go outside about a week ago and I have kept that up so it is 'outside'....'potty'. I always stay with her when she goes so I can give her the treat when she goes.

This evening she went to the laundry again and I said 'outside' and went to the laundry. She went out the door and I followed her out and she went potty. Hooray.

I am not unrealistic about the training, and I understand that there will still be accidents but this was a real step forward today.

Thank you!