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10th January 2012, 01:19 AM
I had to go to the vet today to get prescription for Sentinel. I just kept looking at the door of the exam room where we were. I also had to make appt. for Bentley tomorrow to get a couple teeth pulled. The receptionist was taking her sweet time getting a prescription and finally had to tell her I need to get out of here because ........ Today was a bit easier as I was at work and swamped so less time to think about it. I have a picture on my desk with a poem and I even looked at her picture today and thought happy thoughts of remembering the good times. I've been looking at pictures. I'm going to do a scrapbook of her. Lesson learned--take lots of pictures of your loved ones before its too late. I didn't take nearly enough of her and alot of them are showing her scratching and all the other sm stuff I don't want to remember. The other dogs don't even seem to notice she's gone. I sure miss her and seems so long ago--6 days and seems like 6 weeks without her. :-(

10th January 2012, 01:25 AM
I'm so sorry. Words aren't enough but you are in my prayers. Hugs to you.

10th January 2012, 01:50 AM
You were very brave going back to the vets today.
It's good to hear that you're doing better.It's amazing how my dogs aren't missing Daisy at all,they're just so absorbed in each other,doesn't stop me from feeling so unsettled at the change to our household.Funny how all logic and reason just vanish when you start missing them so much.yeah,today was a bad day..
Good luck with bentley's appointment,hope it all goes well for him.

10th January 2012, 02:08 AM
I'm sorry Sins. Believe me I know how hard it is. I've had a headache more or less over a week. I got kind of scared today thinkin my bp might have skyrocketed. I also work at a medical college and was advised to go see my doctor or at least the nurse which I did. It was a little elevated and they told me not to worry. I guess all the stress is taking its toll. I hardly get headaches so this is unusual. The weekend was very hard---I cried all weekend Sins---it's so much easier when I'm at work. I'm dreading the upcoming 3 day weekend. Its a holiday on monday for some--Martin Luther King Day. I know what you mean also in regards to change. I still have 3 dogs but it's different.

Hugs hun they wouldn't want us to be sad. They knew how much we loved them--I could see it in Abbey's eyes she knew. I still find myself sometimes wishing I had waited a bit longer so selfishly for me I could have had her with me longer but I know it wouldn't have mattered as no time would ever be enough.

At work today one of my bosses told me he doesn't have a dog anymore because he couldn't go through the pain of losing another one. For me the pain is worth every day of joy I had with her.

Hugs and love Sins and I hope tomorrow is a better day. Try to stay busy as it does help--at least it does for me. I'd be in much worse shape without work. Grief hurts.

10th January 2012, 08:37 AM
Linda and Sins, I am so sorry for all the hurt you are going through. It's never easy, but I do so agree that the hurt of losing one of our beloved little ones is eventually eclipsed by remembering all the months and years of happy times.

Linda, when you go back to the surgery I think you should look at that door and try to concentrate on all the positive work that is done every day to help animals during their illnesses. Nothing is all bad and if you can replace a bad memory with something good, then it must surely help.

Keep on talking, we are all here to support you in working out your grief.

Kate H
10th January 2012, 11:20 AM
When my previous Cavalier died, I got one of those photo frames that are a big frame with lots of different size and shape openings for photos. I filled it with photos of all my Cavaliers and it hangs over my desk. If you do this, you can glance up and say hello to Abbey anytime - more easily than having to get out a scrapbook.

Kate, Oliver and Aled

10th January 2012, 08:53 PM
Its amazing dogs deal with death differently and more naturally.. They know its not the end.. They know Bout the rainbow bridge. We should learn from them...

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