View Full Version : Flea preventative and back of the neck?

11th January 2012, 02:56 AM
Thoughts on getting rid of the unsightly mark the flea preventative leaves on the back of the neck without decreasing effectiveness?

11th January 2012, 03:51 AM
Are you talking about the oily residue? If so, I usually spread it out down the spine. In many different little spots. Mine have never tried to lick it off. I know with cat's you DON'T want to go down there spine because they will lick it. Never been a problem with my dogs. When I spread it out like that it usually only takes a day to disperse. My cats on the other hand take a few days. I usually announce "NO petting the animals" in my house when I do flea prevention. Plus I also break down the dose but you would have to talk to your vet on that. In my opinion we REALLY over dose our animals on flea meds. My vet provided me with information on the exact dosage per pound of the drops we use. The prepacked stuff is "easy" but you sometimes end up using way more then you need. (Ex: If you use the 21-55lb drops for a 21 lb dog.... The amount you receive in the package can treat up to 55lbs! That's 34 more lbs worth of chemicals you are putting on your dog. Over double what your dog weights!) I find that disturbing but that's just my opinion. The preventions are considered safe but I have seen bad reactions. It's a personal choice you would have to consult with your vet. I'm sure vets have different opinions on it. :) Sorry for the rant =) But don't wipe away the oil. That is the oil that has to spread to prevent the fleas .

11th January 2012, 05:12 AM
Thanks for the thoughts, I am talking about the oily residue. Next time I will try dispersing it down the back like you suggest and good thought on the weight requirements, I never really thought about it but now that you mention it, the amount are a little disturbing!

11th January 2012, 05:50 AM
If you're concerned about toxicity, consider switching to something like Comfortis (chewable). We recently dropped giving Skippy Frontline when I researched and read about how bad it really is for our animals. Almost akin to spraying yourself with insecticide or roach remover. Not saying Comfortis is 100% non-toxic, but I believe it's much better than Frontline. Plus no oily neck coat!

11th January 2012, 03:56 PM
Our Holly had what I believe was a bad reaction to frontline. At the time I thought it was a sever SM flare up but she has never had such an episode again. After seeing Blondiemonster experienced a similar reaction I stopped using Frontline and I've stayed with Advantage. Never had another problem. Advantage works great here. I actually use it ever 5-6 weeks depending and I skip a month or two in the winter. We have been lucky not having any fleas this way. I hate using flea preventions but it's a necessity here over the spring/summer.

11th January 2012, 06:00 PM
what Advantage do you use? I am considering switching to it, but not sure what to use. I am currently using frontline plus monthly but not sure it is effective since my dog just had tapeworm.

11th January 2012, 09:00 PM
I use Advantage II for fleas and interceptor for heart worm.

12th January 2012, 07:06 PM
I had used Advantage for years on one trip to the vet they didn't have it and gave me an alternative, but DJ got very itchy after it so I switched back. I give every 8 to 10 weeks and leave a little longer between in winter.

I did stop one year and switch to a more natural product, but the three of them got fleas for the first time ever, it was a nightmare, so much as I hate giving it to them I find advantage the best. I drop in two places if I can and not on any white bits.

13th January 2012, 04:28 AM
We use the K9Advantix, because we need the tick protection around here. You can bathe the dog, four days after application, and it should still hold up. We usually just don't pet her in the neck area, and like ReptiGirl, I spread it on down the spine to prevent it all in one area. I also part Sophie's hair when applying, so that I involve as little hair as possible and get it right on the skin.