View Full Version : Charlie won't stop marking and humping

11th January 2012, 03:55 PM
Hi, I wonder if anyone cn give me any advice, I have a beautiful 2 year old ruby called Charlie, who is the perfect dog EXCEPT he keeps marking EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, people (If you stand still long enough), furniture, other animals, anything. Why is he doing this? We do hve another male (nearly 5mths old now) and cats, is this the reason? How is the best way to stop it? I was talking to my vet and she said that neutering would not def stop it (we have not neutered him yet although we are def getting them both done asap), so what can I do to stop it? The other thing he is obsessed by is humping, he humps TK and the cats all the time, he hasnt tried humans yet (thank goodness). We do not want to breed, we are going to neuter, I have been very ill and logistically it has just been something that was put on the back burner but now hopefully we should be able to get it done soonish, but how can I stop him from getting so obssessed?

Any advice would be wonderful