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22nd January 2012, 08:36 PM
Just as things start leveling off with Bentley, something else happens. About 2 weeks ago he had an episode that lasted a few hours in the "acute" stage then a day or two in the "minor." He was desperate to eat grass or chew on anything inside that he could get to, even pulling the hairs out of his tail. He appeared to have something hung in his throat that he was trying to dislodge. We almost took him to doggie urgent care since it was a weekend, but did not. All was well until last night when he did the same thing. He'd scratch on the door as if needing to potty, we'd take him out and he would literally graze. He came in and threw up a large wad of grass, leaves, etc. Once we got him to sleep last night he seemed fine and slept all night. He was great this morning, ate breakfast, no signs of trouble. About an hour ago he scratched at the door, and he couldn't reach the yard fast enough. He couldn't possibly concentrate on pottying, he was too busy grazing. When I brought him in he chewed a chunk out of the wood door blind (bad boy), and again started pulling out tail hairs. Also he pooped a large amount twice this morning, then this afternoon again on tile in the house that was filled with large strands of green grass. (It's odd to have green grass here in January.)
What in the world?

22nd January 2012, 09:25 PM
I definitely think you need to get the vet to check him out.

I have a problem with one of my girls who seems to have a very "acidy" tummy and will go out and frantically eat grass and then bring it all back up. I now have her on 3 meals a day, 8 hours apart and that is working for her. My vet suggested at the minimum a late evening meal to see if that would help., but she seems to need something in her tummy every 8 hours.

BUT before you try anything like that, you really do need to speak to the vet to rule out anything else going on -

he chewed a chunk out of the wood door blind (bad boy)

I don't think he was being naughty he was just desperate for organic matter.

Please let us know what the vet says....

22nd January 2012, 09:50 PM
Agree: I'd get him to a vet asap as you can get an appointment. He could actually have something lodged in his soft palate or throat, which would need urgent attention.Or it could be a gastric issue as Nicki says, or could indicate a more serious problem. Some dogs regularly eat grass for no particular reason but he is clearly eating to force vomiting/in distress to try and relieve discomfort.

The aspect of chewing out his tail hairs I would find pretty alarming. :yikes

Please let us know what the vet says and I hope you can find a specific, treatable, simple cause.

22nd January 2012, 10:02 PM
Please let us know how it all goes!

22nd January 2012, 10:39 PM
Thinking of you and Bentley!!!! I have no advice, but would definitely head to the vet. Poor thing.

23rd January 2012, 05:41 AM
Let us know how things go with Bentley. My Thomas does the frantic grass eating only rarely and usually when his tummy isn't feeling too good. Bentley does seem to be uncomfortable and I'm sure the vet can help diagnose the problem.

23rd January 2012, 09:13 PM
It has happened on the weekend both times and resolved itself by Sunday night. The past several times we've taken him outside to potty he has totally ignored grass and isn't trying to chew everything inside either. He feels fantastic today. I'm thinking we're going to stop giving him rawhide "bones". Maybe he got a piece of that hung and it eventually moved on down.