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22nd January 2012, 10:48 PM
Think this is the right place to discuss the amazing U. of Florida vet school, where they have a special love and understanding of Cavs. Barkleigh first scared us by becoming suddenly deaf just before Christmas. We were the dumb ones since he probably had been losing his hearing for awhile. (He is 5.) We thought he was sleepy, stubborn, lazy etc. Well, he couldn't hear anything. From the smart folks here, I learned about PSOM and took the info to the local vet. She said he would need an MRI to diagnose and thanks to the brilliant folks here I had gotten pet insurance when he was a pup. The MRI revealed totally clogged inner ear due to PSOM and they did the myringotomy while he was under the same anesthesia. Slowly his hearing has returned and though I can't say precisely, he is very responsive to everything and back to his sweet, non-stubborn self and is far less confused and anxious. Both his ear drums had ruptured!

We are continuing with various drops and washes. He did get a smelly pseudomonas infection after the surgery which cured with Clavamox. Now the dermatologist wants him on an antihistamine called Zyrtec, but to use the generic. We're confused because she said 1/2 a 25 mg. tablet, but it only comes in 10 mg. so we are waiting on instructions.

Meanwhile, I wrote here elsewhere about his odd "nightmares." I'm glad I did because it helped date when my concern became serious. The UF neurologist thinks this might be a type of seizure and wants to start him on an anti-seizure med. I am not sure they are seizures but I also don't want him to suffer brain damage. There is also REM sleeping disorder which is not common but actually is a worse diagnosis.

Also UF does a mini-MRI for SM at a fair price. And if you live anywhere around, they do a heart clinic with very reasonable ultrasounds--something in the $150 range or less. I paid double that a special clinic in Tampa for a baseline when he was 2.

Let's just say that when I need care, I want these vets to treat me! Wonderful group and 80% are gorgeous women. Go girls!

10th August 2012, 09:00 PM
Just an update on Barkleigh who is now diagnosed with REM Sleep Disturbance--the answer to the nightmares I've talked about before.

They have been under control with one every six weeks or so instead of multiple times weekly or even twice a night. He takes melatonin and potassium bromide and this does it for him. He tried some anti-seizure meds but they did not help. It is considered somewhere in the seizure disorders though.

Haven't heard of any other Cavs with this diagnosis. He's treat at the U. of Florida by Dr. Schubert and our local vet.

Barkleigh's Mum

14th August 2012, 05:17 PM
I never heard of this condition either but I'm glad that it has been diagnosed and that the treatment is working for him. In case other dogs have it can you tell us way did it manifest?

14th August 2012, 07:41 PM
I never heard of this condition either but I'm glad that it has been diagnosed and that the treatment is working for him. In case other dogs have it can you tell us way did it manifest?

This always happens at night and we assumed they were nightmares and only mentioned it as an afterthought to the vet when he went suddenly profoundly deaf last December.

He wakes and stands at the end of the bed and starts to howl--the same pathetic howl he has done as a puppy when we leave him alone in the house or when his dad goes outside and doesn't take him. He's a very quiet Cav and rarely makes a peep, and almost no barking (wrong name!), so this howl is quite unusual. He clearly sounds distressed. We have to wake him and comfort him, like a baby with a bad dream. When he's been hard to wake, I put my hand over his nose and that gets him up. Then he moves into a snuggle position and is fine. He used to have these very few weeks, then every week, then every few days, then even twice a night a few times. We tried some seizure meds that did not work at all, which ruled out regular epilepsy perhaps. The diagnosis is REM Sleep Disorder and he has a good response to melatonin and potassium bromide. His episodes have become a bit more frequent so they did a bromide level, which is low. We are awaiting our docs consult with the university neurologist.

BTW, he did have acute PSOM and it was cured with surgery and his hearing is fine. The MRI at that time indicated a slightly abnormal syrinx -- but not one that the docs thought would create any serious problems for our great boy.

14th August 2012, 08:41 PM
Thank you for the description, it must be very distressing to have to deal with the howling etc during the night, and poor little Barkleigh, at least he had you close by for comfort.