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31st January 2012, 04:45 PM
Looks like that all the emails to Many Tears about their SM affected dogs have paid off. Thank you everybody that emailed Many Tears. I hope they find a neurolagist that can at least look at Bo and put him on medication.

This is what they have posted with Bo’s advert.

Syringomyelia (or SM) is a condition
whereby fluid filled cavities develop within the spinal cord. It is mainly found
in Cavaliers but can affect other breeds. This is can be a very painful
condition and anyone adopting Bo must be fully aware of what they are taking
on. There is lots of information about the condition on the web and this is
just one site http://www.thecavalierclub.co.uk/health/syringo/syringom.html.

We do not know for certain that Bo has this condition and the only way to
discover it is by an MIR scan which Many Tears do not have the funds to finance,
but we would encourage his adopter to take him to a neurologist. However, if
there is a neurologist out there reading this who would like to help Bo please
email us at info@manytearsrescue.org we would be delighted to hear
from you

murphy's mum
31st January 2012, 06:19 PM
Well, that's a serious improvement. I had felt as though they had brushed off my email after getting their reply, but I feel better knowing that anyone taking this wee soul wont be going in totally blind :)

31st January 2012, 08:27 PM
Well I think they've definitely taken a step in the right direction on this one. Well done Sabby and all the others who e-mailed their concerns. I do hope that Boo finds a loving forever home with people who will have the means to pay for the expensive diagnosis and treatments that he will need.