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8th February 2012, 06:48 PM
Would any one please tell me how much my 6 and a half month old puppy should be eating? Her diet consists of chicken, mince, cheese, SF 50,
rusks, and a little bit of dried food (pedigree chum mixer):razz:
Thank you

8th February 2012, 07:04 PM
What is SF 50?

I think maybe it would be a good idea to either work with your vet or a nutritionist -- very important for puppies (and adults) to get a balanced diet and I am not so sure that would be accomplished with what you are feeding.

At a glance:...Cheese is very fatty for example; generally home cooked meals also would not include two meat sources together like that (no need for two every day), and you have three protein sources including the cheese plus whatever is in the kibble which sounds a lot of protein. Rusks bring in wheat -- not really necessary -- and not much fibre in them or in that diet overall (eg -- too soft -- not good for teeth).

Pedigree chum is a kind of mediocre food as well with additives and mediocre protein sources (eg meat meals and meat by products, not actual meat, plus food colouring). For the same price per weight you could get a large bag of a good quality food. :D Get a storage bin from the petshop and you can empty it into that to keep food fresh. :)

Did someone recommend this mix? :confused:

I think a good quality dry (not supermarket dry food) as the bulk of the meal would improve that diet a lot, I'd cut the cheese except occasionally and add in one meat or another alternatingly to make the meal more interesting and add 'real' food. I'd cut the rusk entirely too and add a little crumbed shredded wheat if you want a cereal fibre additive or go for oat bran or something like that.

Overall: your puppy needs a complete diet that covers the whole nutritional spectrum. You generally want the food as much as possible to supply this and not supplements.

8th February 2012, 07:12 PM
Just to add (because it was your original question! :lol:) -- impossible really to tell you how much a dog should eat! -- all dogs have different metabolisms, are different sizes, different genetic makeup & get different amounts of exercise. Plus feeding such a mix of things makes it really hard to tell you what amount.

You want to feed enough that she isn't too thin or getting roly poly. :)

Most puppies do a good job of eating just want they need -- but some can be gluttons. And some undereat (though this is almost always more an owner -reinforced behaviour issue... :)).

Most puppies eat about a cup a day in total of a quality dry or commercial raw/cooked diet.

It might be a good idea to have your vet evaluate the diet and whether she is getting too much or what she needs the next time you are in, unless this has been done.

We have lots of advice on the site on home feeding healthy raw and cooked diets and healthy supplements to dry food diets, plus there is Rupert's Recipes, our fundraiser recipe CD, and there are cavalier recipe booklets at www.monicasegal.com.

8th February 2012, 09:11 PM
Yes it was recommend SF 50 is a fibre powder, we also sometimes give her skinned and cored apples as they are high in fibre and good for dogs?