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10th February 2012, 08:40 PM
Hi ,
I've been very quiet on here for a while but need to ask advice. Nifa my 8 year old blenheim has been put on medication for her heart in the last few weeks. We were told about a year and a half ago that her heart needed to be monitored and then in January the Vet decided she needed to be medicated, she is on Vetmedin 1.25mg 1 tablet twice a day and Vivitonin 50mg 1 twice a day. She has no congestion so no coughing and doesn't really display any symptoms except slowing down a little. Since going on the medication she is a little more bubbly than she has been in a while.
Is there anything else I should do ?

10th February 2012, 09:16 PM
Sorry to hear about Nifa having to go onto meds, but the medication these days is very good

I think you will find this article helpful


Really management is very much common sense - don't take her out in the heat of the day or if it is too cold, avoid stressful situations, but other than that don't wrap her in cotton wool, she doesn't know that she is poorly :)

I use Vit E and CO Q10 as per the article.

The most important thing is to have a cardiologist monitoring their treatment, the vet is really just like your doctor/GP - you would want to see a specialist to manage something like this.

11th February 2012, 01:00 PM
Hi Mimi :) -- sorry to hear Nifa is now on meds. I think I'd want a cardio visit to confirm that she needs medications. The current thinking is generally that you would not be putting them on vetmedin before they are showing signs of congestive heart failure such as coughing and so forth. There is some evidence that putting them on too early causes its own problems.

If you PM Sins, or if she sees this, she might be able to tell you if one of the vets down around Waterford/Cork had a visiting cardio. Otherwise there are two options: Bray Vet has a visiting cardio every two weeks or so, who comes down from Belfast & whom vet Pete Wedderburn tells me is very good. Then there's Tom Mullany at Nutgrove in Rathfarnham, who saw Lucy and Leo.

In just a few minutes of listening you will get so much more detailed information and treatment advice and expertise than a vet can give.

There's tons of info on MVD at www.cavalierhealth.org as well. :)