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14th February 2012, 06:23 PM
Hi there Dougie from Scotcavs group on Facebook a several thousand strong cavalier community see or join us at www.facebook.com/scotcavs

I own a 1.5 yr old tri bitch called Georgie (Paddy Milo Sweet Georgie Girl) who is growing into an real charachter, we have recently moved to the Highlands of Scotland where our cottage overlooks the world famous silver sands beachs there-in where she is daily walked down the foreshore of The River Morar towards the breaking waves.....

We have an avid interest in the breed, fostering cavaliers and such like currently available for localish short or long-term fostering in and around Lochaber possibly going to breed our current bitch but not entirely surely have always sought to have two thus far the "right" one has not presented itself..

Happy to chat about life, Cavs and anything non confrontational look forward to meeting you all in due course ....

14th February 2012, 07:24 PM
You are very welcome. :) So glad you are helping out with fostering -- a badly needed support for rescue!

I will ask you though to please read through the Getting Started section as we have very clear rules on not allowing any discussions on individual breeding, whether questions or plans.

We are first and foremost a health focused board. As a community, we have a strong health ethos that no one should consider breeding a cavalier given the current state of the breed without following both MVD and syringomyelia breeding protocols, cardiologist testing breeding dogs and MRIing breeding dogs. That has to be the primary responsibility and concern of anyone who truly cares for the breed, rather than making money off puppies that will continue to inherit these endemic health problems that cause heartbreak for owners, pain to our cavaliers, or too often, an early death.

We have lots and lots of health information and also do regular fundraising to support some of the world's leading research into syringomyelia in cavaliers as well as MVD (see Rupert's Fund :) ), offering many ways to learn more and help in the effort to preserve this health-threatened breed.

We also have a forum here specifically discussing our MVD and SM cavaliers which is a must read for any responsible person thinking about breeding, to learn firsthand about the realities, and extremely high rate of incidence in the breed (50% with heart murmurs by age 5, almost 100% by age 10; 70% of cavaliers have SM by age 6+). I hope you will find much that is informative and helpful.