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Brian M
17th February 2012, 08:54 PM

Having had Mr Marsden see first Lily last Friday then Poppy yesterday I then on impulse thought lets sort Daisy's
bump out so I phoned up at 4.45 and they could see her at 6.10 .I arrived a little early and as normal Daisy
has to hold centre stage she whines ,squeaks ,grumbles and talks and is generally a real noisy little hog and wants to visit every animal and person in the waitng room and has to the the centre of attention .We got called in on time and this time I had no fear as we know she has MVD Grade 2 and SM and PSOM ,so a few questions and a good general
inspection and Mr M was happy and also her heart hadn't deteriorated and what should be normal was normal, so next the bump and you were all right MR M said its a wart or a cyst and no great problem but to keep an eye on it. So lastly Daisy's anal glands which seemed quite full but Daisy being Daisy she screamed blue murder so I have to say my little Daisy is in now way a stoical Cavalier.So Lily is fine our Pops got a clean bill and Daisy turned out OK so now I am thinking why didn't I take our Rosie so no doubt I will be back there again either tomorrow or Monday then its The Full Set Done .
Thanks for all your help and patience with us .

18th February 2012, 10:45 PM
Glad your girls are all ok

19th February 2012, 12:08 PM
It's good news about the bump :)

I think regularly check ups are very important, at least annually for younger Cavaliers and 6 monthly for puppies and older dogs - vets can pick up on something we easily miss, and early treatment can be a life saver sometimes.

As you've had two dogs with anal gland issues recently, it may be that something in their diet needs to be addressed [soft stools can exacerbate the problem]? If people are not able to check anal glands themselves, then these need to be checked regularly [6 weekly or so] by either the vet, vet nurse - or sometimes groomers will do this too. Vets can teach you how to empty them yourself although it's rather a smelly, unpleasant job :(

Blocked anal glands can be very painful for the dog - it sounds like Daisy's were very full which means it is very painful to have them emptied, they have to be squeezed quite hard in this situation as the secretions become thick and pasty- so I don't think Daisy was being a drama queen.

This link is quite helpful


There are quite a few symptoms of full anal glands, not just scooting - some dogs will chew their hind legs, try to lick under their tail, the males may even chew at the side of their penis.

If an anal sac abscess forms, it must be properly treated by your veterinarian. Antibiotics will be needed.

My vet recommends massaging the glands gently before pressing, this works really well!

Do hope everything will be ok for Rosie tomorrow!