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18th February 2012, 10:11 AM
My name is Madeleine and I am Mummy to Oliver who is an almost 2 year old Blenheim boy.
I am a first time dog owner and Oliver is such a little champ I cannot rate the breed highly enough.
He is called Oliver in reference to Cromwell and I like to call him my little Lord Protector when he barks in the garden! ;)

He is still intact and I am wondering about neutering him now that he is full grown.
I would be keen to hear from everyone who has had a male neutered and if you regretted it? (I can't put them back! lol)

I am eager to know if anyone suffers from weight problems or a wiry coat post op?
Also Oliver is quite submissive with other dogs (not my friends cocker mentioned later) and I am concerned about this being exacerbated.
We are very active and he isn't a big eater so the weight doesn't worry me as much.

Just for back ground, the reason I am not just leaving him intact is that the last time we saw my friends female Cocker a full week past the end of her latest season he was obsessed and seemed frustrated and there was "nothing behind his eyes" he was fully focused on Chloe and I might as well not have been there. :S

Looking forward to your insight. :)

Madeleine & Oliver