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18th February 2012, 02:33 PM

Been asked if I would cross post this advert. Not technically a rescue but a little man who needs our help. ...suffers from episodic falling syndrome and is looking for a new forever home. Can anybody help

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18th February 2012, 03:05 PM
I'm sorry, but I cannot take posts that are advertisements for people doing personal re-homings. If they have a dog affected with this health condition, they should really be working with the responsible rescue to make sure the dog gets a proper home. I can sympathize with someone needing to re-home a dog, but this dog will require lifelong care for that condition and should only be placed very carefully. And it is the forum policy to only ever list dogs that are actually rescued dogs in need of re-homing rather than personal re-homings.

Perhaps they can contact their regional breed rescue for help with this dog? oOtherwise they might consider contacting the Dog Pages site in the UK as people there sometimes will know a rescue that could help out.

If people want to contact you privately for further information on this dog and are interested in offering it a home, that is fine. :thmbsup:

Can I just stress that please, please --nobody should be taking in this dog planning to then go on to re-home it themselves as a kind of private rescue effort– doing rescue work responsibly means being willing to make a lifetime commitment to taking back a dog including ending up with its lifelong health bills if people decide they no longer want it, and being able to give support, doing home checks, getting legal sign offs for homing a dog and so forth. The best way to help, if anyone wants to intervene, is to help find a proper rescue group in the UK that would work to rehome this dog.