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24th February 2012, 09:29 PM
How old is a Cav when he quits growing? Bentley weighed 25 lbs last Fall; vet said he was getting too fat so we bought a lower-calorie kibble and cut back on giving in to his begging at the table. He slimmed down enough that his "waist" was again visible. Grandpa takes him on walks almost every day as we've had a mild winter. They sometimes go as much as a mile. It seems to me that he's just getting heavier, not necessarily fatter. He hasn't been to the vet lately so we don't have an accurate weight but he feels quite heavy when picked up. He's quite the lovable boy, gets a lot of lap time and he's almost getting too big for that. I'm thinking it's length & height, but for how long does this go on? He was a year old Nov 26.

25th February 2012, 07:18 AM
Oliver is almost 2 and I am pretty sure he has stopped growing now. I haven't had him de-sexed yet and he is a very tall Cavie. I must say he stopped growing taller quite a while ago but his head and shoulders and ribs carried on broadening for a long time. Filling out because he is a boy. Oliver is not even slightly fat but he is broader than he was at 15/18 months, he did look a bit gangly at one point (very cute like bambi! lol).
Don't forget as he matures he will get a bit stockier just like a man.
Hope that helps. :)

25th February 2012, 07:23 AM
Also, if you want to weigh him between visits to the vets use your bathroom scales. Weigh yourself, pick him up and weigh both of you together... The difference is his weight. :)

25th February 2012, 09:18 AM
I would say, generally at around 2-2.5 years old he should pretty much stop getting any heavier. Small dogs finish growing taller at maybe 8-9 months old, but they "fill in" for a while after that. Cadence was always very lanky and skinny as a puppy, even up till the age of 1.5.. after that he started gaining more muscles (and weight!). He was always around 9lbs from 1-2 years old, but now he's 2.5 years old and is done growing, he's between 10.5 to 11lbs.

Perhaps you could just drop by the vet's for a quick weighing? I do this sometimes because I don't have an accurate, electronic scale at home any my vet doesn't mind it at all! Only takes 5 minutes anyway. =)

25th February 2012, 09:15 PM
Yes as said above Cavaliers stop growing in terms of height by about 9 months - but do continue to fill out in their 2nd year. Their heads can take as long as 2 1/2 years to 3 years of age to "finish" [fully develop.

Weight is controlled not just with food but with exercise - I know it may be difficult for you at present, but is there anyone else who can help with walking Bentley? up to 1 mile is not really sufficient exercise for a young Cavalier.

Obviously you need to build up slowly, but at least an hour of vigorous walking and mixed with times of active play is needed to tire a dog. And obedience practice -- 20-30 minutes a day, easily split into a couple of short sessions -- will really help tire him out, often far more so than walks!! Of course walks should never be off lead unless safely in a park well away from all cars and traffic. A back garden is nice for a dog but quickly is boring nd never is a replacement for daily interaction with your dog and daily walks -- same smells, same places in a garden. Dogs enjoy a scent-rich world and it works their brains and body to get an active walk where they can explore, smell new things and so on. This is very important to their quality of life and critical need to be *constantly* socialised with other dogs and people to avoid fear aggression. They need to meet more than the same dog companions.