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2nd March 2012, 12:34 AM
I was wondering how much everyone walks their puppies/dogs? After Sonny was fully vaccinated, I think we were a little too excited and we were talking him on three walks a day for about 20 minutes. Sonny let us know that it was too much for him at the time by just sitting down and refusing to budge. After that we cut back. I think now that he is older he could handle that schedule again. I know that exercise requirements change depending on the dog's age, personality, health and ect, but I was just wondering what most people do. :)

2nd March 2012, 12:59 AM
We do 2 walks a day, 20 minutes each. This is the perfect for Butters, and he likes his routines. He automatically turns around at the same house and always goes #2 in the same place (the lady who owns the house he goes in front of even remarked on this, but luckily doesn't mind because we always clean up and she likes to say hello). Throughout the day, I let him out in the backyard on his own to go pee. When he was younger, he used to run around like a wild man in the yard for a few laps. With the cold in Buffalo or his maturing age, he now does his business and comes right back in. At night, we usually play fetch in the living and dining room for 15-30 minutes, but that is Butters' decision (he will bring us a toy if he chooses it is a fetch night). He is 9 months now, and feels very content with this. I agree that it varies based on a lot of factors, but I think they let you know how much they need and want.

2nd March 2012, 01:07 AM
That is so funny that Butters has an exact routine and does his business in the same spot every time!!! Sonny runs around like a wild man in our backyard too. I think one of his favorite activities is chasing birds and butterflies in the backyard. He cries and cries at night when I won't let him out to play anymore. LOL

2nd March 2012, 01:14 AM
Oh Sonny is too cute! Thank goodness for backyards. It is nice to know they can be wild men and enjoy nature while staying safe :)

2nd March 2012, 03:04 AM
By the time Sophie was a year old, she could walk three miles with me in the mornings, but I worked her up to it gradually. Sometimes, if the weather is nice, we'll do another mile in the evening. At my age, three miles is my personal limit. Ten years ago, I was walking four miles a day with our 12-lb Shih Tzu and he loved it. When he developed old-age related heart murmur, our vet told me to keep walking him as much as he was able because it would be good for his heart. With all the potential for heart ailments in our Cavalier, I walk a lot with Sophie. And,,, it's good for me, too. :rolleyes:

2nd March 2012, 08:26 AM
I USUALLY walk Bella upto 1 km as she is only 5 months old.