View Full Version : Hello - Im a new owner. All tips/advice welcome!

4th March 2012, 12:20 PM
We just rescued a gorgeous 6 year old boy blenheim! He is really lovely and the whole family is enjoying him. He has a lot of love to give! He has bonded really well with us. Any tips or advice on the following will be most welcome:
setting routine, walking and how often we should exercise (and do we go in the pouring rain?), getting him to play (he has no interest in balls or frisbys) and how to get him to come/recall, as we are nervous about letting him off lead as don't think he'll come back yet if he's distracted. Also, although he's happy once he's left, he does whine a bit and need us to separate gradually - is this normal, or just cos he's new, is there anything we can do to help him?
Basically, anything you experienced owners can share with us would be great!:)

Aahhhh! Since writing this, my lovely boy has just decided to scent mark in the living room!! (I have now thrououghly cleaned the area!) We have tried to introduce him to the rest of the house a room at a time, with his base being our large kitchen, and he has a crate in there which he is very happy to use for sleeping and if we go out. He has been sat in living room with us a couple of times, but today it was empty and quiet and he was having a sniff around and just cocked his leg on the footstool. 'I immediately took him to his spot in the back garden, but he didn't do any more. (it is raining today, though we walked in the rain yesterday and this morning - and this morning he did eliminate so shouldn't have been desperate - though he didn't particularly want to go out in rain after his sleep, and it happened soon after)
Should I be worried? Do you think he will keep doing this?