View Full Version : Introducing Molly

15th March 2012, 11:54 AM
Sorry, this post is a bit of a repeat as I didn't think the first had gone through. I think the other post gives a bit more info so you may want to refer to that. Sorry everyone.


Just wanted to introduce myslef, and Molly our Cavalier, who turned 3 on monday.

We got Molly in September from a rescue organisation as she was homeless. We have not had a day of trouble with her since. I was fully expecting some separation anxiety, nervousness, difficulty getting on with our 2 cats, toileting issues etc but there has been nothing. Ok so we gradually built her up on the separation and took over a month to introduce her to the cats but I still think she did fantastically well.

She's on a diet at the moment as she was 15Kg when we picked her up from the rescue centre. She is now down to 11Kg and has stated to really enjoy her walks. We have to be quite strict with her as, given the opportunity, she would eat until she burst.

Looking forward to talking to you all