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19th March 2012, 12:14 AM
I am considering switching Scarlett over to Lyrica as it is taking more and more Gabapentin to control her pain. I was very surprised today when I priced a month's supply at Walgreen's (with the Rx Savings Club) and it was $189/month. That is very expensive- I knew it would be expensive but I wasn't expecting that much. I will do it if I have to and it helps her, but has anyone found it for less recently?

Also, when you switched from Gabapentin, did you switch gradually or cold-tyrkey? My vet said I could switch cold-turkey but I don't want her to have pain while the new meds take effect.

Sydneys Mom
19th March 2012, 03:56 PM
I'm sorry that you are having problems controlling Scarlett's pain. I do hate all the health issues our wonderful little cavaliers are subject. All we can do is our best.

I have information about getting Lyrica cheaper, but I don't know if I can post it here. I have sent you a PM with the information.

19th March 2012, 08:35 PM
My vet and 2 other people recommended Diamondback Pharmacy to me this morning. I called for a quote and for 60, 25 mg Pregabalin it will be $27.00!!!! My vet is calling in a prescription. Other people may want to try this place for pet meds. Here is the contact info:

Diamondback Pharmacy
1-866-646-2223 (toll free)

Sydneys Mom
19th March 2012, 09:12 PM
Great news, glad it worked out :D