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23rd March 2012, 11:03 PM
Hi, this is my first post and I urgently need to know if anyone has had a CKCS vaccinated against Rabies for the purpose of travelling abroad.
I ask because my treasured cavalier has many disabilities/problems and I want to take her with me as we have a house in France but the research I have done into the Rabies Vaccination does not sound encouraging. BUT to weigh against this she would not be happy left at home when you read below the list of her problems you will see why.

She had her puppy vaccs and they made her poorly, so did her annual booster so she hasnt had anymore. I own and run a boarding kennels where the licencing conditions insist on up to date vaccs but noone else has ever reported problems after vaccinating.

OK,, so my princess has the following : syringomyelia, encephalopathy, bi-lateral luxated patellas, superlax ligaments, bi-lateral hip dysplasia, some sort of fatty tumour on her tummy, she has fits when recovering from an anaesthetic, problems with her claws and pads .
I have fantastic vets and orthopaedic specialists and for all of the above she has a great life, she doesnt know shes disabled!!

She is on Gabapentin, she is 4 in April, so far she doesnt have MVD. If I could get her through one vaccs she could go with me for 3 years.

Anyone who has had Rabies Vaccs please tell me how it went..

Thank you

24th March 2012, 11:58 AM
Winston is still just a little guy, he gets his next week. I'm assuming when the rest of the US members wake up you'll get the answers you need.

24th March 2012, 12:57 PM
Hi, I don't own a cavalier however I do live in the US and where I live its a LAW that my dogs have rabies vacs regularly. I did have a sickly dog once and he had no problems with his annual rabies shot. My old poodle I have now has no problems either, sure he's a little slow and maybe sleeps more on the day of but so do my kids when they get their vacs. Personally I don't really understand the big deal UK folks have with rabies vacs (althought I have not read much about it) I guess because here in the US its just the norm. However, its a threat here in area we have had several reports of rabies infected foxes in last few years. When an animal has rabies they really do act crazy and attack.

24th March 2012, 11:16 PM
I just got my dogs rabies today actually as it is a law here to have the rabies shot to get the licence no rabies = no licence =you get a fine. :)

25th March 2012, 12:13 AM
I don't know the laws regarding rabies vaccine in France - would they accept a titer or a letter from your veterinarian stating that your dog hasn't been vaccinated for medical reasons? How long do you plan to be away for? Possibly if she had an appropriate caregiver staying home for few days would be less stressful than travelling? Rabies is a threat here in Canada so mine do get vaccinated (it's also the law). Rylie has had a mild reaction enough so that I will look into ways to minimize his reaction for his next vaccine but not so much that I wouldn't vaccinate again. We like to travel to the U.S. and when we went last year I had to provide rabies certificates in order to cross the border and in every state park we went to.