View Full Version : Worming tablets for inbetween sized dogs?

28th March 2012, 11:38 AM
Jessie has been using Sentinel Spectrum for the past 3 months now for his all in one wormer / heartworm / fleas and he happily chews his tablet and it's an easy monthly dosage that we've been happy with so far.

He has just taken the 4 - 11kg dosage, as he is 10.7kgs currently, but no doubt will reach 11kgs in the next month or two perhaps. The next dosage up is very broad in weight, for dogs between 11 - 22kgs, which seems ridiculous that a dog weighing 11kgs can safely take the same dosage as a 20+ kg dog. Have been trying to contact Jessie's vet, but being so busy, they aren't returing my calls or emails, but just wondering if once he hits 11kgs, would I simply give him half a tablet? Just wondering if anyone else's Cavaliers or other breeds are also on the same brand. My apologies for the lack of spacing, as I am using my mobile.