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6th April 2012, 12:01 AM
Hi everyone! Lady and I are new to the site. I put a few pictures up because just way to cute to actually exist. I love her. She's 4.5 months old and I got her when she was 13 weeks.

Warning - this post is probably gonna be gross. It's about poop. I'm assuming everyone is more than familiar with all kinds of poops.

The vet says she's in excellent health overall. Good eyes, teeth, heart, etc. BUT she has a very sensitive tummy. When I first brought her home, the breeder had been feeding her some kind of lamb based dry kibble. I switched her to Orijen puppy food which is supposed to be this really awesome, all natural all meat grain-free dry food of chicken, turkey, salmon and halibut. But her poops, which were dark brown and solid never got back to being that way. At first she had very runny diarrhea, and it's gotten back to semi-solid, but still mushy. The vet suggested I switch her to a bland diet for a week of JUST boiled chicken and rice, which I did. That seemed to help a bit. Then I slowly switched her from the c/r to a chicken and brown rice based kibble. Which at first she reacted to better than Orijen, but now she is back to mushy, golden colored poos! I am getting a little concerned here. I also have been seeing scooting...

I have been giving her LOTS of water to avoid dehydration. She gets plenty of exercise (I walk her about an hour a day, and/or take her to the park and run around with her). She's had all her shots and oral de-worming medication.

The last time I took her to the vet to talk about the scooting and to make sure it wasn't worms. It wasn't worms, but he did have to drain her anal glands (charming).

I took her to the vet yesterday for the same thing, and they did the draining (said the glands were moderately full and that was good timing for me to come in). Today: she's scooting still AND has diarrhea. Omg! What the heck!

Vet suggests I switch her to Nature something Limited Ingredient chicken and sweet potato only kibble.

But really? What is going on?? I don't want my little stinker to be uncomfortable w/ diarrhea...that can't be fun for her! (And it's DEF not fun for me. Ever tried to pick up runny poo on a lawn?)

murphy's mum
6th April 2012, 06:52 PM
Could it be a chicken allergy, or another food related allergy? Maybe try going for a food without chicken if she was originally fed a lamb based one.

We used to have trouble with Murphy's poop too, but I now feed both mine on James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice, and Misty gets the light version, as she's a bit round icon_whistling

The other thing is how, slowly are you switching over, some dogs tummys are much more sensitive than others. With Misty I could probably give her something different every meal, she's got an iron stomach, but Murphy needed switching over 2 weeks so's not to upset him :)

Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Misty has Hemorragic Diarrhea last week so I sympathize with the running poop on the grass, I ended up turning the hose on the it got too runny to try and pick up.

6th April 2012, 08:13 PM
Oliver had similar issues on Royal Canin (chicken flavour) 27% protein.
My vet suggested changing to a brand with a lower % of protein.
I switched to Wainwrights which is 22% and turkey based. He was much better.
I often put a little bit of wet food or cooked meat with his kibble to "sweeten" the deal (he is picky, my fault for pandering! lol) and didn't for a few weeks and his poop was darker and harder.
I then started putting his "sweetener" back in and I noticed it was chicken that gave him a second runny poop while on our morning walk (1st was fine, he doesn't always do 2, but does often when he is a little loose).

So in short Oliver is on a lower protein chicken free diet and his poop is a lot better.
He also has a sprinkling of oat bran on top as that is apparently good for firming them up (read about that on here :) ).

He hasn't had any anal gland problems yet but I know what you mean about the lighter colour Oliver's was always the lighter colour while on Royal Canin.

Good luck.

M&O x

6th April 2012, 09:07 PM
Sounds like a re-run of my first year with Pippin who is now 8. Turned out he had a major poultry allergy, especially chicken he can't even have chicken flavouring in a worm tablet without havimg a severe bout of diarrhoea! I now feed him JWB lamb and rice and he does very well on it. I know how you must feel as I said it was years ago and I still remember those first few months and how stressed I was over him!

We have had the odd set back like when the flavouring was added to the worming tablets and I didn't know it was chicken or when a bird dropped some chicken in the garden! But all in all he is fine. Hope you get to the bottom (pardon the pun) of what is causing it...

6th April 2012, 09:08 PM
Ever tried to pick up runny poo on a lawn?
Good grief no! I make my husband do that ....:p
Mine have always done better on lamb and rice based kibble,it certainly produces more compact scoopable oops.
The vets are suggesting a lot of different foods,it's probably not a great idea to change so much as that alone can cause runny tummy.
Just let him drink what he wants at this stage,probably avoid chicken for a while.If he was doing well on the initial food,then put him back onto it,give him a while to acclimatise to it and see how he gets on.

6th April 2012, 10:05 PM
Good grief no! I make my husband do that ....:
Lucky you- I'd be picking up vomit as well as poops if my husband did that for me:)
I agree, there could be a chicken allergy/sensitivity going on - we've found lamb and rice to be a good option. Also I'd suggest oat bran to help with anal gland issues. If you search on the site you will find a few threads on the subject. Best of luck with sorting it out.

7th April 2012, 01:08 AM
Oh my gosh, thank you everyone for your supportive and reassuring replies!! I will go get her lamb and rice kibble today and will slowly switch her over. Puppies are supposed to get variety anyway, and the chicken kibble bag is almost out. Relief that I'm not the only one who's dealt with this.

I don't understand how something so gross can come out of something so CUTE.

I'll definitely let you all know how she does with the lamb diet. I do think it'll help though.

8th April 2012, 09:34 AM
Bella suffers from chronic colitis, (runny poo often with a little blood) after 5 courses of antibiotics in 4 months I asked around for advice. I was advised to try Yakult (probiotic you buy at the supermarket for people) and give her a quarter bottle....and what do you know? IT WORKED. Unfortunately it has quite a bit of sugar so I didn't want to give it long term...I have switched to 2ml of protexin (from the vet) a day and she is doing great! She has been good for 6 weeks now!

9th April 2012, 01:53 AM
Alana, thanks for sharing your story! I haven't noticed any blood in her stool but I will keep a close eye on her. She is still scooting her butt, but I'm thinking that might be her way of cleaning off the area? Hoping. But I'm going to call the vet tomorrow just in case and see what she has to say. I will definitely note the probiotic trick. ;)

12th April 2012, 04:21 PM
:w**h**::w**h**: UPDATE

The lamb diet worked, her poos are back to solid and dark brown FINALLY! Thanks everyone for your help and reassurance. :)

murphy's mum
12th April 2012, 07:05 PM
Great to hear :)