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12th April 2012, 03:54 AM
I've taken a job in Brussels, and will be moving in 6-8 weeks. I just want to chronicle everything we go through, because there doesn't seem to be a topic on international travel, or importing pets transatlantic on the forum. I'll update as things happen.

Before I begin, this is a move from the US to Belgium in June 2012. Laws vary by country and are subject to change. Always check with the embassy for the most current version for your situation.

12th April 2012, 03:55 AM

The Belgian embassy has paperwork and guidelines on importing pets. They limit the number (5), use (non-commercial), and breed (no pit bulls), they also don't allow pregnant dogs, and have a few other requirements.

I have to fill out and send in a form to be approved within 6 months of leaving. This must be approved by USDA and APHIS, then sent to the embassy for approval. The price for each dog is around 40.

There's a second form that must be done in the final 10 days before departure

12th April 2012, 07:25 AM
This is a really good idea and will be very helpful for people. I know there have been questions in the past about international travel. As you say, always make sure to check with the appropriate authorities of both the country you are travelling from and the country you are travelling to, often vets are not up to date on the latest rules.

A few tips:

get the dog[s] used to their travelling crates before the trip - feed their meals in there, train them to sleep in there, that way they won't be distressed when put in the crate at the airport.

Keep copies of all their documentation in case you need to fax them through.

Make sure that the arrival centre/customs will still be open at the time the flight arrives [we have had this problem previously and had to fax the documents through so that the dog could be precleared]

Attach a large bowl to the cage inside and a funnel on the outside directed into the bowl, that way the dog can be given water without the crate being opened.

Take clean up stuff with you to the airport - sometimes dogs will mess in the crate and be in quite a state when they arrive :(

Also don't forget harnesses/leads as they are not allowed to wear anything in the crate, nor having anything other than bedding in the crate.

Check with the airline which travel crates they will accept - in the UK, these two brands seem to be the most popular Dog Kennel Gulliver (http://www.zooplus.com/shop/dogs/dog_cages_carriers/crates/plastic_dog_crates_and_dog_kennels/139582) http://www.zooplus.com/shop/dogs/dog_cages_carriers/crates/plastic_dog_crates_and_dog_kennels/139582 and Trixie Vari Cat & Dog Crate - Beige (http://www.zooplus.com/shop/dogs/dog_cages_carriers/crates/plastic_dog_crates_and_dog_kennels/129672) http://www.zooplus.com/shop/dogs/dog_cages_carriers/crates/plastic_dog_crates_and_dog_kennels/129672 [I thought they had a US website but can't find it sorry]

The measurements are OUTSIDE measurements, but I think you will have to go through a shipping company now anyway and they will give advice on the correct size of the crate. Most have a facility for you to hire transport crates, but often this works out nearly as expensive as buying one! Puppy or incontinence pads are useful to soak up any accidents.

I'm sure others will be able to add to this.