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16th April 2012, 06:17 PM

This is a link to an interesting article in Dogworld by Steve Dean.He makes extensive reference to the problem of CM/SM and seems to have a good grasp of the complexities of breeding away from the condition.It's worth a read.

16th April 2012, 07:30 PM
I'd say, kind of (on the very general concept, but not the specifics). :) In his position (chair of the Kennel Club, UK), he knows there are existing research projects that could be much further along IF say the KC and clubs had made a dedicated effort to pass along data breeders and scanning centres and cardiologists already had/have, for example. There is plenty of data out there, yes -- and they have long left it almost entirely to researchers to try and persuade breeders to part with it. They also have taken eons, with endless postponements, to set up exactly the kind of programmes which could take in data in the first place. So a bit bizarre for him to talk about all the unused data out there as if it exists in some parallel and unknown universe (but applaud him encouraging its collection :) ).

This also sounds as if he believes little research has been done on health issues in cavaliers. :confused: And like he hasn't spoken to geneticists actually working on the issue, who do not believe there's a need to wait for a genetic test for quite accurate information to help breeders. What is primarily needed is enough data (explained many times to clubs/breeders/KC for the basis of the EBV original project...). There isn't enough data because not enough was submitted -- for cavaliers, not for the initial EBVs ( so programme didn't launch when planned) and now many breeders are choosing not to support the BVA/KC programme but support what he obliquely refers to as a 'European scanning effort' rather than HIS KC effort! Not enough heart info, though requested from breeders and clubs, to have started a DNA search for MVD alongside SM DNA work half a decade ago. And so on :(

As for lack of collaboration? -- actually there is plenty amongst SM researchers, as any glance at co-authors on papers will affirm (see the long list at www.cavalierhealth.org, Steve!). Research results have dovetailed well for a decade, and collaboration has helped open out new areas for exploration, not given any indication that current science may be wrong.

And surely the KC has/had a major role to play in (failing at) encouraging clubs and breeders to support the kennel club–created scanning and breeding initiative, or the earlier EBV program, rather than just refer to a program spearheaded by the usual breakaway group of breeders as if it is some remote event unconnected to what the KC is (not) doing.