View Full Version : Newbie who no longer has a Cavi

2nd May 2012, 07:28 PM
I have owned Cavies for much of my life. I had my first one way back in 1975 he was a blemium called Rupert. He arrived in Christmas day and i was around 9 at the time. He was the best present i ever had. He came from Sheffield. When he was a couple of months old, he started having epileptic fits.

The vet wanted to put him down, but my Mum wouldn't have it. He grew out if the fits and lived until the grand old age of 13.

My next Cavie arrived when I started work at the ripe old age of 16. My parents said I could have one of my own, if I bought it. So I did. Ruby arrived from Skipton, she was actually a tri Cavie!! Ruby lived until the grand old age of 15, sadly I had to put her to sleep, she couldn't stand up and her back end seemed to ave collapsed it broke my heart, but I still had Bonnie. There was 6 years between them. Bonnie came from Oxford, and she was our posh Cavie due to her coming from "down south"
Bonnie lived until the age of 13 and a bit, again she had to be put to sleep and died in my arms.
She was a strange dog, she was partially blind and deaf. I can't remember why she needed putting to sleep, all I can remember was it wa very traumatic.

Well it was unfair for Bonnie to be on her own, so along came Abbie, she came from Leicstershire. Her kennel name was dazzling diamond. She was a true Diamond. I loved her to bits. This Cavie broke my heart and even though she died over 7 years ago I haven't got over her loss. Even though she went to the vets every year for her jabs and check up there was no preparing me from her death at the age of 6. One morning she she wa coughing up water and she died at the vets the same day with a heart attack, her heart couldn't pump out the fluid in her lungs. The sad thing is that my sister bought a puppy from the same breeder a few weeks before Abbie died and her dog died of the same thing at 6 years of age. My sis now has another dog, but not a Cavi.

So that is my sad tale. I am lurking on these boards now trying to learn about the illnesses that have Developed in this breed and thinking about adopting a resue one, or maybe start with fostering.