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3rd May 2012, 01:48 AM
I just noticed that how OCD am I????? I just can't help myself everyone on CT is soooooooo nice and knows a lot about cavaliers. I didn't want to share this news until I knew it was going to happen. Well, I have some news!!! I have been looking for a good breeder (a whole other story but I wanted someone breeding to MVD and SM protocols- I have found 4 so far- I'm on one's waiting list but it could be a long wait) however I have also been looking into rescue groups and not just cavalier rescue groups--- man what an education I have had and am still learning. Anyway, you never know who knows who AND I was talking to my aunt who lives in PA about looking for a cavalier WELL turns out someone who belongs to her church works with a very excellent no kill shelter. This shelter takes in puppy mill dogs (its Amish country say no more) well....they took in a pregnant cavalier in Feb. My aunt gave my number to this lady and she called me!!!! The female is in pretty bad shape and she was dropped off after hours tied to the front gate half dead (super scary- poor thing who would do that but) they worked their magic and with great vet and lots of TLC she has 4 puppies ON MY BIRTHDAY they "could" be a mixed breed who knows but they don't look it at all. One died but now there and three.............available for adoption all boys!!!! Plus the Momma! Who they think is about 5 yrs old heart vet checked clear. Whatever this poor dog!!! I have been talking to this lady since Feb. and I have quilified for an adoption thur their shelter....... Oh I'm so happy to tell you I am getting one of these boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted the female dog too since she had been thur so much but one of the vets wanted to keep her (he worked so hard to make her healthy and save her and the pups) so actually he's a rescue puppy!!!! People I'm not a church-going person but God had a hand on bring me this gift. I know I know he may have health problems SM, heart problems bad knees but....he still needs a proper home why not me. The shelter won't allow puppies to go home until they are 12 weeks old. That means I'm traveling to PA (6 hr drive) spending the night with my aunt and then PICKING UP MY PUP ON THURSDAY!!!! I can't wait to share pictures and all................... I'm so happy!!! Whatever comes, comes I'm going to love and care for this dog as long as I can anyway. I will have questions and need some help but I have all of you :hug:


3rd May 2012, 02:15 AM
Oh I'm so happy to tell you I am getting one of these boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And awesome that he vet is keeping the mom so she'll get a great home too. She certainly deserves it after all she's been though. And the vet will surely be able to get her any help she needs as sometimes rescues do have special needs and can be a bit timid.

You'll love having a boy!! :lotsaluv:Are they all Blenhiems? Tri's?'

Congrats!! :rah:

Can't wait to see pics of your baby! :o

3rd May 2012, 02:27 AM
Congratulations!!!! Your little guy is going to be very well loved and taken care of. :lotsaluv: That is so wonderful that the vet is taking the momma. My best friend is a vet at a shelter and her stories always tug at my heart and I know that she is often tempted to keep them. :)

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your baby! Do you have a name picked out?

Margaret C
3rd May 2012, 01:57 PM
Congratulations. That is one very lucky little puppy to have found a truly committed owner like you.

You know what you may be taking on and are fully prepared to give your little boy all the love & care in the world. If you and he get the luck you deserve then he may turn out to be a tough little survivor who does not have a days illness in his life.

Look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all about this special little puppy.

3rd May 2012, 04:47 PM
So pleased for you, it sounds like everything just fell into place and this was meant to be.

Firstly, make sure you get him insured - you are well aware of all the problems that Cavaliers face, and as his parents are extremely unlikely to have been health tested, he will be at higher risk than dogs from tested parents.

To give him a good start, make sure you put him on a really good diet - set a budget and choose how you want to feed, then find the best possible food within that budget. I like to think that if my dogs were choosing food for me, they wouldn't just pick the cheapest food from the supermarket and would research the ingredients. Many of us feel that raw is the best possible diet [having done a considerable amount of research into the topic] - and of course you can get preprepared raw now which is much easier and you know that you are giving a balanced diet. Otherwise a high quality kibble - if you look on the forum you will find lots of threads about nutirition.

Make sure you register with a local vet.

Download [free] the Ian Dunbar books - Before You Get Your Puppy and one called After You Get Your Puppy http://www.dogstardaily.com/training/you-get-your-puppy (http://www.dogstardaily.com/training/you-get-your-puppy)
http://www.dogstardaily.com/training...get-your-puppy (http://www.dogstardaily.com/training/after-you-get-your-puppy)

These are ESSENTIAL reading for every puppy guardian :)

3rd May 2012, 05:15 PM
Congratulations I bet that this has been the longest 12 weeks of your life !
You have been given great advice by Nicki and Margaret, I have nothing to add except enjoy your little puppy, don't imagine every scratch = SM, and take loads of photos for us to see.:snap:

3rd May 2012, 08:42 PM
Thanks all. I have pictures but I've been afraid to post any or share with you all until I actually got this little guy. Like if I even dared to talk about how excited I am......I would wake up from a dream or something.

But since I'm am All Rounder now I just thought it was time to share. I have even putting off shopping for puppy stuff but now I have less than a week. AHHHHHHH. I've decided on a name Fletcher I think it works will with my kids names (Haley, Ethan and Evan) plus no more E names in my house lol.

I have done a lot of reading about feeding a dog, I do know he's currently on a food called Wellness Puppy Super Max.....I know I have to start with that anyway any switch will take time. But because I'm a little weirded out by feeding raw (I know I know you guys are right it is a dogs natural diet and I think might be the best but...) I'm still working fulltime and jrneeuiqvneruivrvn trying to sell my business sorry for the typing issue if you have read my post about selling my business you'd understand!!! I think the Wellness is a good kibble I do think I'd like to switch him the adult ASAP because I don't think "puppy" is needed if its a good food. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

So here's the list of puppy supplies I have purchased to start off with let me know it I'm missing something I need "before" I pick him up.

crate med sized (I have this in storage for years) it got a good cleaning and its chilling in the warm sun drying today.
a travle crate (I have one )
crate bedding nothing too expensive for now!!! And completely washable, actually I bought 2 just in case
new water and food bowls, just plain cheap ones
a leach and Coastal small harness- one good breeder had it listed as the best first harness because it adjusts a lot
food, I went ahead a bought a bag of his current food since I have to start there
chew toys, I picked some good teething toys but just a few since I don't know what he'll like I also pick up an antler
a two sided pin/slicker brush and I little grey hound comb I think its called- again a good breeder has it listed on her cavalier care list

I also may a vet appt for next Friday afternoon. I pick him up on Wed. so I thought that was good, he's coming with shot records and worming dates so he shouldn't be due for any shots right away but I hello nice to met you appt is in order. I have questions about heartworm/tick control. I live in VA and we've have a warm winter the bugs are going to be a big problem this spring/summer.

Insurance , well I'm still working on that but I'll get it sorted out because I DO know.

Anyway, I will post a picture later today/evening. In the intro thread....I'm so excited!!!!!!!


3rd May 2012, 09:43 PM
I'm excited for you. Good luck!
Can't wait to see photos!


Kate H
3rd May 2012, 10:25 PM
Hi Melissa

Hope you don't explode with excitement before next Wednesday!

You wrote: I don't think "puppy" is needed if its a good food. Special puppy food is a good idea because (a) puppies need more protein than adult dogs while they are growing (most good puppy foods have 21% protein, whereas 18% is normal - and adequate - for adults), and (b) if feeding dry, the biscuits are smaller - if you give a puppy with first teeth adult size biscuits, you have to be prepared to watch him spending one minute getting through each biscuit! :)

Look forward to seeing photos (if you're still having problems, join the club - I'm hopeless at photos!).

Kate, Oliver and Aled

4th May 2012, 09:32 AM
CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful! I demand pictures, videos and lots of stories!

4th May 2012, 12:43 PM
That is so fun!! Definitely ask about flea and tick control. Some people don't want to give it, and I understnad why but ticks are going to be really bad this summer

We took my dogs to the beach last weekend and I came back with 5 ticks (and this is with them having been frontlined a month earlier!). 2 ticks were on me, and the others I found near the dogs crate - I assumed they fell off because they were frontlined. In any case, now I need to get tested for Lyme disease and so do they, so I'd defintely chat with your vet! I hope you have a vet that you like. I feel really fortunate I have a good vet who has my dog's best interest in mind and not just his own bank account. :)

I also demand lots of pics and video and stories. Puppies are fun but they can be a challenge at times!

BTW, I just discovered this cheap little brush that I recommended to a couple friends who also love it. Dogs who don't like being brushed now like being brushed - it is the Conair Soft Slicker - so soft plastic pins instead of metal:

I've bought lots of brushes, but this one I really love and so do the dogs!