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3rd May 2012, 06:29 PM
I know that Calla lillies are poisonous for dogs. When we moved into our rental house there were calla lillies planted in various spots of the yard. We have tried to pull them out as they sprout up, but we have a large yard and with spring time they are sprouting up in many places that we don't always go out to and didn't know that they were planted there in the first place. I just noticed that Sonny brought a bulb and dropped it on my porch step. It doesn't appear to be chewed up or parts missing, but he obviously had it in his mouth. He is acting fine and I have been making him drink alot of water. I have a call into my vet, but has anyone had any experience with their dog being poisoned by calla lillies??? I know that it causes burning of the mouth and vomiting. He hasn't vomited yet, but I am so worried.... I feel absolutely awful :(

3rd May 2012, 06:48 PM
You could call Animal Poison Control (if you have an annual Home Again membership on his microchip, this should be a free call - otherwise $60). That is what I would do. (and have done when mine at Baklava, Rhododendrums ...etc.!).

We had a lot of poisonous plants in our yard when we moved in. We killed the Lilies of the Valley with Vinegar - they were popping up inside a brick patio, so that worked for us, no grass to kill. I guess you can't really control the landscaping since you are renting?

3rd May 2012, 08:44 PM
Thanks! I am a Home Again member. That is great to know! My vet got back to me and told me to just keep my eye on him.

Unfortunately I can't "permanently" change our landscape and kill the lillies, but we have been very careful about plucking them out when they sprout, but I guess not careful enough. My husband usually does it but has been gone for the past week and it is crazy how quickly things grow here!!! I moved from AZ where NOTHING would grow and all of this vegetation in Ca is new to me.

Thanks again for your quick response!

3rd May 2012, 10:52 PM
For future reference for you & anyone else who could use it:


I actually had a LIFETIME Home Again registration for Lucky (which they no longer offer), but changed it to the annual payment so I could have this service free of charge. I'm just at *little* paranoid and Lucky's just a little naughty, so I figured it'll easily pay for itself, given Animal Poison Control is $60 a call and the Home Again membership is like $20ish a year.