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11th May 2012, 07:33 PM
cavtiny Hi there, not been on for a while... Ruby still with me but she is steadily getting worse.... Does anyone know if dogs get senile... Although her heart is really bad and her tummy very swollen the vet said not to take her for 3 months cos it was stressing her out getting to the vet (I do not drive)... Anyway I asked him before if she is in pain and he said I would know..... I love her so much but dont want her to suffer.....:d*g: She seems to get confused and sits staring into space.... Usually follows me everywhere but for the past week or so she just seems confused..... Can anybody say if they have had the same experience with their dog.... She is 8 yrs old and has grade 6 CHF.... She is on the highest dose of medication.... She has to have one tablet every eight hours and the rest I give her in the morning..... She is eating well and her tail wags (not as often as it did) but I dont want to say goodbye but dont want her to suffer either.... Please help. Rose :?:thnku:

11th May 2012, 09:04 PM
Hi Rosemary, you could be writing about my Trapper you know. He is also 8 and has serious CHF. He is on frusemide, prilactone, fortekor and vetmedin. We often find him staring into space, or wandering aimlessly. I wouldn't describe him as senile, but he doesn't have all the faculties he once had - he can be a bit bewildered at times. Our vet says that this is most likely due to a lack of oxygen to the brain because of his CHF.

I was told about a medication called Vivitonin last night, if you google it, you will see that it is prescribed for senile dogs, so perhaps it might be worth your while talking to your vet about it. It seems to help with the flow of blood to the brain, so I'll also ask my vet about it for Trapper. Would you have someone who could give you a lift to your vets, or would you be able to bring Ruby by taxi?

It's hard to know what to do for the best, isn't it. But I think, like your vet said, you will know when it's her time. About 6 weeks ago Trapper was very sick and had an awful cough, I thought for a while that his time was coming, but he's still with us, and much better. He 'only' had bronchitis, which cleared up with antibiotics.

12th May 2012, 09:09 AM
:thnku: Hi Shirley, thank you so much for your reply.... Yes I will have a look at the med you mention.... I have got a friend who can take me in her car, but I
dont always like to ask.... Taxi is very expensive but I know I cannot take her on public transport anymore.... (I do have a proper dog pram, so may use this next time)... OMG isnt it so sad... I can tell you love your Trapper to bits too..... I dont think I can go through this again. It tears at your heart, doesnt it. Those big eyes..... Have you got two Cavs. I see from your picture you have a Ruby and Tri....... Aint they the cutest.

I will just keep an eye on her but when I am out I am constantly thinking I hope she does not pass without me being there.....

Thanks again.....

12th May 2012, 11:22 AM
Rosemary and Shirley -- You both might try adding in moduret, which is an old fashioned drug for hearts and you can get your vet to do a prescription to take to the chemist. It is fairly inexpensive. It often helps remove that fluid buildup -- I found it worked better than prilactone on the bad-heart rescue girl I am caring for that belongs to a neighbour. It has at least kept the fluid buildup in her belly at a manageable point. Nicki discussed it on a different thread recently.