View Full Version : Hello from Louise and Giggs!

14th May 2012, 11:35 AM
Hi my name is Louise and my gorgeous boy is Giggs!
We rescued him from the RSPCA nearly 3 weeks ago in Newcastle! We know very little of his past apart from him being given up due to his owners ill health! Giggs is 4 years old and a beautiful Blenheim!
Giggs is my first King Charles and already is has become part of our family!
When I work out how to add pictures I will get some on!
I'm looking forward to chatting with fellow CKC lovers :-)

15th May 2012, 09:19 AM
icon_welcomelooking forward to seeing some pics of giggs

15th May 2012, 05:28 PM
Hi Louise, Mal here from the Running Fox :), welcome to the forum :) posting pictures (http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/showthread.php?17567-Posting-pictures)

3rd June 2012, 08:40 PM
Hello -- and glad to welcome another rescue doglet to the gang here! :)