View Full Version : Wow but I do have my 4 year old trained!

23rd May 2012, 11:07 PM
So I posted about my husband being a soft puppy parent but my 4 year old son (who normal has 2 speeds fast and faster) has a puppy backbone. I am sitting outside with the dogs and computer. I just feed the dogs so we're out of a bit. My 15 year old is standing guard of the little one so I can have 30 mins of me time, before starting dinner. Well who comes out the back door but my only wearing underwear son age 4 with a juice box, he wanted me to help him with the straw. I do and tell him not to let the dogs in when he goes in. Well little Fletcher thought he was going in but my son told NO Fletcher stay with Mommy I just watched. When Fletcher still insisted he was going in my son told him to SIT Fletcher did then my son said STAY Fletcher did and my son was able to slip in the door leaving Fletcher outside. HAAAA I should have recorded it. I then called Fletcher over for a few good boys. Wow, I'm impressed. Maybe I should have him teach Daddy how to work with the puppy.