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26th May 2012, 10:39 PM
Sorry dont know what happened so i had to take my lot to the vets for their MOT and out of the 5cavs and 1 xcav only 2 have bad hearts which i am really pleased with as most came off the puppy farms and are mostly aged. Emily who is 15yrs at least and Misty who us at least 13yrs and have just been put on pills but i think it was mainly because it was so hot and they were really panting. The otheres are a bit younger Havoc is 6yrs Jazz is 12yrs Folly is at least 13yrs as well Monty the x breed is 5yrs. I know it wasnt a cardiac specalist but i am really pleased and i have not seen any signs of SM/CM so i am doubly lucky

27th May 2012, 05:12 PM
Great to have some good news Liz :)

Cardiologists have been shown in research to pick up heart murmurs at least 6 months before a regular vet would hear it. If any dog is undergoing treatment for a heart condition, I would strongly recommend that they are seen by a cardiologist first, vets are like our GPs, they do not necessarily have the specialist knowledge for this type of treatment.

Rod's site has a really thorough explanation of MVD http://cavalierhealth.org/mitral_valve_disease.htm