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28th May 2012, 12:52 AM
My parents have a pool in the back yard. None of her dogs really like to swim well we find out today Fletcher does. We had a family get together this afternoon (its normal we all go to my parents for swimming and dinner every Sunday 14 people in all) we were all in the pool kids jumping off the side, splashing laughing the whole nine yards. Well, all the dogs were out too counting Fletcher there are 5 dogs. He was standing on the edge watching the kids play I splashed the water near me and call him, he jumped right in, swam to me. I scooped him up his tail was going 100 miles per hour. After that every time kid jumped in he did right after them. I guess I need to buy him a doggie life jacket.

I made sure I dried his ears real good after we were done, especially the undersides that's right??? The pool is saltwater so is there anything else I need to know about a cavalier who loves to swim?

My parents have a separate fence around the pool with a child-proof latch AND we also have a baby gate at the top of the deck stairs leading to the pool area AND my parents have ding dong alarms that sound when the back doors are opened. Yes, we are extra careful when it comes to pool safety. It has always been a rule at my parents house that the kids are NEVER allowed out the back door without an adult. Even the 15 year old has to let an adult know she's going.

It was a fun day, now he super tired and already curled out on the sofa sleeping.


My Henry Boy
28th May 2012, 01:30 AM
How cute!! Henry took a swim in the bathtub today (huge garden tub).

28th May 2012, 02:22 AM
Salt water or chlorinated water should be rinsed thoroughly after swimming. Also for safety you should train him to swim to the steps