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3rd June 2012, 11:00 PM
Hi all,
Were fairly new to this site, Ive been reading it for a while now but didn't quite know how to use a forum yet so Im starting now. I have a 16 month old tricolor, named Emma. She was diagnosed with chiari malformation around 6 months old and has actually been doing well since then (knock on wood). Any support would be much appreciated!

Mom to Emma

4th June 2012, 01:14 AM
Hi Emma's mom! I'm Lani, also in New Jersey. I have two ruby boys, Lucky and Sparky.

Sorry to hear about Emma's Chiari diagnosis, but glad that she has been doing well!! I can't offer any advice on Chiari. My dogs have never been diagnosed with it, but if you read up on it, I think a really large percentage of the breed has it. One of mine likely dogs (based on the statistics). Thankfully, neither has had symptoms to cause me to go and get them MRI'd or treated.

I hope you'll post some pictures of Emma. :)