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14th June 2012, 10:11 PM
I've heard that in general, feeding puppy food is discouraged because there's too much protein in puppy food and it causes problems, and that you should feed a puppy adult food instead. Does that also apply to a well-respected brand like Wellness (http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/product-details.aspx?pet=dog&pid=92#product)?

14th June 2012, 11:29 PM
I personally have heard the opposite...that until they are an adult ( around 1 year)..they need the extra protein, fat & nutrients. Because a puppy is still growing... their health requirements are much higher than that of an adult dog..so most adult brands do not have enough of what they need....even if it is a "good quality" dog food.
I'm sure that some companies use puppy food formulas just for marketing purposes...and their may be evidence that shows adult food has ample nutrients...but those nutrients still may not be enough for a pups health.
Wellness is a five star brand ( excellent choice!)...but I would still feed their puppy brand till your dog reaches adulthood.

15th June 2012, 12:01 AM
There's a lot of debate over this topic. The large and giant breeds are most prone to growing too fast and many owners and breeders of those dogs keep them on adult food all their life, to provide for the slowest growth possible. The belief is that the dog will grow until it reaches its genetic potential and if it's fed too much too soon, the bones grow too fast and can cause problems later.

With toy breeds, I'm not sure this is an issue. In my own experience, I've been very happy with the results of feeding puppy foods. Puppies are very busy creatures and I think need lots of energy. I fed puppy foods to both my dogs, Purina Pro Plan Puppy formula. My Golden is almost 1 year and I'm in the middle of transitioning him to adult food. I can tell his metabolism is shifting and slowing a bit. My understanding is that puppy foods were invented many years ago because the adult dog foods were of such poor quality in general. With all the high quality adult foods around today, perhaps they are no longer needed. But I fed them anyway and both my dogs seemed lively, grew well, and thrived on them.

Many people feed puppy food for 6 months, then switch to adult. Some switch at 1 year (like me, based on my brother in law's recommendation. He's a vet.). Many feed an all-life stages food from the day the puppy comes home. Many feed an adult food. Most feel the best is to keep the puppy on what the breeder was feeding (if a competent breeder) for at least a month, and then switch gradually.

If your pup is doing well on the food you are giving, I wouldn't worry about it. The biggest problem in any case is overeating and obesity. Too many dogs are getting too much nutrition and getting fat.

This may be more info than you wanted! But really it's your decision as the owner and the human who lives with the dog.

2nd July 2012, 11:19 AM
Personally I fed puppy food to my guys till they were 6 months old along with raw food. Lots of lovely raw chicken wings!

After 6 months I fed raw with Robbies adult food. (in separate meals). Sparky now only eats raw but Lucy still likes her robbies for dinner!

2nd July 2012, 12:48 PM
I feed Fletcher Wellness. I spend a lot of time talking to my vet about this issue and researching this puppy vs adult food issue. I decided to feed Fletcher the adult Wellness. Its a good brand and has everything my guy needs in the adult formula.

Fletcher is going thur a "I'm not hungry" phase right now, I know weird for a cavalier! But I think it has nothing to do with his food. Back to human babies because that's my expertise, babies go thur little growth spurts and sometime eat more than usual and sometimes when they are in a personal lull of growing they eat less.....I'm thinking that what is happening with Fletcher. I am resisting the urge to just leave the bowl down he'll eat when he's ready, I do not want to get into free feeding so I'm not.

Honestly, I believe the puppy vs adult food is a personal preference thing...just like feeding raw or not. As long as you choose a good quality food, measuring food to the appropriate amount for your dog, and stick to good healthy treats we're on the right track.