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14th June 2012, 10:36 PM
I am in bits tonight. One minute everything is fine and then suddenly all the problems start all over again. We went obedience training tonight got home everything fine. I gave them all a Chew still everything fine. I noticed that Harley tried to climb rather strangely up on the sofa but that was because the foot stool (itís filled with these soft bean things) and he tried to climb sideways. After a while he jumped off again and lied on the floor with his chew. When he finished eating he got up and he seemed wobbly with his back or walking sideways then he was ok again and only sometimes he does it. I know Ebony was diagnosed with degenerated discs last year and she was wobbly with her back end but all the time. I donít know if it because he climbed funny/sideways on to the sofa or if it is SM related. I hope I can get an appointment with our vet tomorrow as he is also the orthopaedic surgeon that operated on Ebony and he knows Harleys history. I donít really know what to do if I canít see him tomorrow. I am shaking and I feel sick. I had so many problems last year with Harley I just canít take anymore. Harley is my world. All my husband can say well crying is not going to do anything.

14th June 2012, 11:01 PM
Awe... I am new here..so I don't know what all you have went through with him..but just want you to know that you & Harley are in my thoughts. I understand your tears....and sometimes it's just healthy to let it out. Sure praying everything will be alright.

Sydneys Mom
14th June 2012, 11:20 PM
Maybe Harley just stepped on the foot stool wrong or pulled/strained a muscle when he jumped off the sofa. I would just keep him calm with no running or jumping until you can talk to your vet tomorrow. I agree with you husband, crying won't solve anything, but that never stopped me from crying. You have been through a lot. :hug:

15th June 2012, 12:04 AM
Hopefully he is just tired after his busy training night and his strange movement was tiredness. Its awful worrying when these things happen and I can understand how upset and worried you must be as I know harley is your world.
I know you will be keeping him calm and rested and hopefully he will be back to his normal self tomorrow. When Jasper's back is playing up he is quite restless and cannot settle in one place for long and he kicks his leg (usually his right one), he as his metacam and sometimes he needs tramadol until things settle down. He is always usually slightly wobbly and as some weakness.
Thinking of you and Harley and am hoping that he is okay, if he needs to see his vet then hopefully he will get to see the vet you prefer.

15th June 2012, 12:34 AM
I am so sorry you are going through this. It is so difficult to see our little ones in any pain or discomfort. My heart aches for you. I hope that you are able to get Harley to your vet tomorrow. I will be praying that everything is okay and that Harley is feeling better soon. :hug:

Kate H
15th June 2012, 11:27 AM
Hi Sabby, sorry you're worried, but really it could be anything - temporary pulled muscle, a disc problem, air pressure affecting his SM (pressure's been soaring up and down lately like a yo-yo), needing a tweak of his medication. Hope you've managed to see the vet and get it sorted.

Meanwhile, hang in there - Harley needs you.

Love from Kate, Oliver and Aled

15th June 2012, 11:32 AM
Hi Sabby,

Got everything crossed it is something simple.
I'm sure he will be ok with you watching over him. :)


15th June 2012, 08:30 PM
Well as soon as I made the appointment with the vets this morning Harley was just fine again. I still took him this evening and the vet found a spot along his back where he was a bit tender. He said he didn’t know if it was because he climbed onto the sofa funny or if it has to do with his SM. When he was scanned last year the scan stopped half way down his back so he can’t see where the syrinx stops. He said that we just have to see if it happens again. So he has given him Carprofen for a week. Harley had Carprofen before but that was before he was on Lyrica. I just wonder if the two can be taken together.

I also have noticed that since the weather been so up and down and also stormy now Ebony has needed an extra Gabapentin as she is scratching more.

Kate H
15th June 2012, 10:16 PM
As far as I know, carprofen is a general anti-inflammatory. Gabapentin and Lyrica are specifically neurological pain blockers, so they don't do much for muscular or bone pain, which is why your vet gave you the carprofen in case Harley's sore spot is a damaged muscle or a bruised vertebrae. As they are doing different things, I think they should be OK together.

Glad Harley's feeling better today - our dogs do keep us on our toes!

Kate, Oliver and Aled

16th June 2012, 03:38 PM
Hugs to Harley, hope he is feeling better. :hug: